Nujaifi meets with the Iraqi community in Kuwait

Posted: March 19, 2011 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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Osama Nujaifi

Arbil, 19 March (Rn) – President met with the House of Representatives and Osama Najafi House delegation accompanying him, on Saturday evening, the sons of the Iraqi community in the State of Kuwait, according to a statement issued by the Office of the President inform the House of Representatives.

The statement said the agency received reports of Kurdistan (Rn) a copy of “The Nujaifi heard during the meeting to the most important problems of the Iraqi community in the State of Kuwait.”
The statement added that “a number of members of the community raised the problems related to the difficulty of obtaining a passport and a certificate of Iraqi nationality, as well as great suffering in the Safwan border crossing linking Iraq to Kuwait.”

He explained, “They also discussed the issue of exclusion of the Iraqi community in Kuwait to participate in the elections, as well as the lack of schools for the Iraqi people of the community.”

For his part, promised President Nujaifi consider all these problems and speed up the resolution and to overcome all the difficulties faced by Iraqis in Kuwait.


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