CBI: New creditors may emerge to delay Chapter VII exit but Iraq is ready to settle

Posted: April 13, 2011 in Iraq: Chapter VII, Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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CBI: Emergence of new creditors to Iraq and look forward to a final exit from Chapter VII

The Central Bank of Iraq, that the creditors are new to Iraq, may appear during the coming period to claim compensation in order to impede the exit of Chapter VII, as he noted that Baghdad had fulfilled all its obligations in this regard, he pointed out that some seek to obtain judicial rulings to expose Iraqi funds at risk.

The central bank adviser said the appearance of Mohammed in an interview for “Alsumaria News”, “likely the emergence of creditors new, we do not know from before, to demand reparations from Iraq, but we are ready to settle any indebtedness of legitimate non-recourse to the courts, should not be just false allegations. ”

He added that “before the Iraq mission to defend his right to keep his money, and the Ministry of Justice and legal committees of other state is a highly professional manner to protect those funds from the arbitrariness of some of the creditors,” noting that “these debts dating back to 1990 have been omitted from the budgets of corporate creditors, which has some sold to other so-called hunters term wealth. ”

Saleh pointed out that “Iraq is sincere in his dealings International, has fulfilled the rights of 13 160 creditor commercially in 2006 to pay 20% of the dues, was accepted by most of those that offer, and there is the Paris Club agreement binding us,” pointing out that “with the moans of some creditors, who do not know, here and there in order to obtain judicial rulings was Iraq’s money at risk. “

He adviser to the CBI that “the Security Council resolution No. 1956 in 12.15.2010 has given us a period of six months before the lifting of protection for the funds for the disposal of Iraq by without any custody of him or by the International Commission for the control and verification, and resolution asked Iraq to provide mechanism to take over the Development Fund for Iraq of the Trusteeship. ”

Saleh added that “the Iraqi government has written to high ministerial committee, has worked professionally and made a high, and is about to submit its report to the Security Council before the beginning of next month, the deadline for Iraq to provide a mechanism recognizes the Development Fund for Iraq.”

He ruled in favor of that “Iraq is a request to extend the term of protection on his property, having expressed in a letter to the Security Council that he was interested where he completed all of its obligations in order to emerge from Chapter VII, which is the primary task and he has to protect its funds through international cooperation with him, face things quote wise. ”

The Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon announced on the fifth of this April, during his second report to the Security Council pursuant to paragraph 6 of resolution 1936 in 2010, that remaining in Iraq on his release from the obligations of Chapter VII obligations with Kuwait on the issue of missing one of its nationals and their property and third countries, the government confirmed its readiness to continue the maintenance project for the Iraqi border, stressing that progress in these issues is a precondition for the restoration of Iraq’s international status natural.

The Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee in the Iraqi parliament Hamoudi said in a interview with “Alsumaria News” at the end of last March, to file water border between Iraq and Kuwait of the most complex outstanding issues between the two countries, calling to address those issues so as not to show Iraq forced or loser , in submitted a proposal for the establishment of the Kuwaiti Fund for Development in Iraq.

The Security Council approved during its meeting on the 15 of December last, three special resolutions in Iraq, ending the first oil for food program, while calling the other to extend the immunity that protects Iraq from claims associated with an era of former President Saddam Hussein to the June 30, 2011 (approximately six months ) instead of a stop later this month as scheduled at the beginning, after Iraq said it would not request any further extensions of the work (the Development Fund for Iraq) which was the immunity from claims for compensation.

In the third resolution, approved by the UN Security Council to lift the ban on imports of Iraq’s nuclear program to implement the civilian nuclear and end restrictions on weapons of mass destruction, missiles and so put an end to the ban lasted 19 years, under resolution 687 of 1991.

The Iraqi government is keen to ensure that the extension work of the Fund which was established in 2003 after the fall of Saddam Hussein in order to protect revenues from sales of oil and natural gas in Iraq.

Iraq has been under since 1990 under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations, which imposed on him after the invasion of the regime of President Saddam Hussein of Kuwait in August of the same year, and this item allows the use of force against Iraq as a threat to international security, in addition to the freezing of large amounts of its assets financial in the international banks to pay compensation to those affected by the invasion of Kuwait.

And consists of Chapter VII of the 13 articles, is resolution 678, issued in 1990 and calling for the ousting Iraq from Kuwait, by force of the provisions of this chapter, Iraq is still under Tailth, because the survival of the issue of the remains of Kuwaiti citizens and prisoners of war in Iraq and Kuwaiti property, including archives of the Amiri Diwan and the Crown Prince’s Court and the question of environmental awards and oil, which is not only about the state of Kuwait and other Arab countries and companies still have some rights.

Prior to that Kuwait requested the UN Security Council, in July of 2009, before its to discuss Iraq’s international obligations not to raise Iraq from the list of Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations before it has met all its obligations, especially in the cases of compensation and POWs and missing Kuwaiti and its emphasis on the need to respect Iraq’s decision 833 judge the demarcation of the border between Iraq and Kuwait, after Iraqi objections that appear from time to time on the demarcation of the border, and then reiterated the same demands this week by a number of Kuwaiti Parliament.



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