Kuwait plans to open consulates in Erbil and Basra to the development of investment projects

Posted: June 14, 2011 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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Baghdad, June 14 (Rn) – The Kuwaiti Embassy in Baghdad, Tuesday, for the determination of her opening consulates in Irbil and Basra over the next few days.

He said Kuwait’s ambassador to Iraq, to ​​the insured for the Kurdistan News Agency (Rn) “The Ministry of Foreign Alkwytipaazemp to open a consulate general in Erbil, which aims to expand the investment projects and economic development in the three provinces of the region of Arbil, Sulaymaniyah and Dahuk.”

He insured that the “Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry, the process of resolving the outstanding problems concerning the headquarters of the Kuwaiti embassy consulate in Basra in order to resume its work to cover the activities of Kuwait in the southern provinces, particularly the economic and investment”.

He insured that “Kuwait is working to expand diplomatic and economic relations with Iraq by opening diplomatic consulates in various Iraqi provinces.”

Deteriorated diplomatic relations between Iraq after its invasion of Kuwait during the rule of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein in 1990, Iraq has undergone a series of United Nations action included to prevent the import of chemicals and nuclear technology that could be used in the programs of secret nuclear, chemical and biological weapons.

And allowed the United Nations in 1996, allows Iraq to sell oil in return for food, which Masmi program of “oil-for-lunch” with the number 986.

Included international sanctions prevented the import of chemicals and nuclear technology that could be used in a secret nuclear programs, chemical and biological weapons.



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