Iraq Foreign Relations: Need to exploit relations in the right direction;

Posted: July 4, 2011 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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Invitation to correct the course of a parliamentary foreign policy

Revealed the Foreign Relations Committee in the House that Iraq can return to its place among the Arab States and the world if the exploitation of foreign policy properly.

A member of the Iraqi List MP Hassan Khudair Chuird Hamdani «We demand a permanent policy to be Iraq’s foreign high level of diplomacy, so that we can win the important things that could make progress for our country through the reputation and concerted efforts to reach Iraq, which is the country’s economic number one world to the ranks of developed countries.

Stressing that we can share between us and the neighboring countries and the region When they reached these people progress and prosperity. He said these procedures could be that Iraq will be a symbol of symbols called for the global community as a whole and the Arab countries in particular, especially as we see in recent times that all the Arab countries, which swung a large development of their governments, calling for the need to exploit Iraq’s foreign policy in the right direction.

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