Iraq currency shops multiply as citizens trade IQD for USD; Officials say shops are flagrantly exploiting public ignorance

Posted: July 20, 2011 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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Traders are involved in damage to the opportunity of the Iraqi economy .. Officials are turning their homes into shops for the banking pending delete zeros dinar

With the approach of the countdown to reduce the zeros of the Iraqi currency by three zeros to the bottom step of the Central Bank of Iraq to rearrange the rules of the Iraqi economy, began to supported groups inside the Green Zone, assigned to currency traders collect and store a currency U.S. dollar in preparation for phase determine how zeros of the Iraqi currency and Tbdlleha to become a thousand dinars , JD and access to the numbers Alumblyaria that invaded the culture of the Iraqi economy.

Source from inside the Green Zone, says that some of the condos with leaders and officials and officers turned to the banks not matching the specifications of the storage of financial because they were filled with U.S. currency the dollar, a gain is added to the dealers that it exceeds the profit rate of 100%, where it will be the amount sold by the Iraqi currency and buyer of U.S. currency The dollar is the same amount that it will buy the Iraqi dinar once again after the whistle of the Iraqi currency.

This process has affected and three days ago at the level of trading of the currencies in central Iraq, but are invisible to this moment, but will cause major problems on the economic level for the next period.

Traders the opportunity who make a living on such stages are active in damaging the Iraqi economy and raise the crisis between the people who started many of them converts from its own funds to the U.S. currency, an approach that is almost universal in the Iraqi markets are looking for safety in the maintenance of its financial resources by turning them into dollar and then deal with the new Iraqi currency, Valqnaah that prevail in the market now, that the process of replacement of zeros of the Iraqi currency, which goes to the government seeking its implementation during the period between the end of this month, and year.

It is expected to break out conflicts and problems in society and in the Iraqi economy if the project was carried out without the education and promotion by the government in the media and open channels of its own government to alter the currency and not to rely on the black market and banking companies, which accuses currently being fed the subject of rumors about what will happen with if the project was implemented as a means to increase the chances of speculation by raising the purchase price of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar in the flagrant exploitation of public ignorance of the fact that a step the central bank.

Economic circles demanded an integrated program for public awareness and transparent display of the program delete the zeros because these decisions are not just purely financial decisions, but is located in the heart of the daily life of citizens.

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