Vice Baerakip calling Kuwait to reconsider its actions toward Iraq

Posted: September 7, 2011 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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Vice Baerakip calling Kuwait to reconsider its actions toward Iraq

Member of a coalition called the Iraqi MP Walid Mohammadi Iraqi government to take a clear and strong from Kuwait to the latest violation done by the Iraqis abducted 12 fishermen from Iraqi waters, calling on the State of Kuwait habit of considering their actions toward Iraq.

He said Mohammadi said in a statement carried by the news agency the public Tuesday that Scott, the central government for these violations would give Kuwait the opportunity to continue in its excesses, and this does not serve the Iraqi people, adding that such violations will put the country in the debates are continuing with the regional countries and weaken the role of Iraq among other countries, calling on Kuwait to deal with Iraq on the basis of a sister and a neighbor and not deal with it aggressively.

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