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Plans to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki’s visit to Kuwait within the next few days, to discuss outstanding issues between the two countries.

In this regard, the member of a coalition of state law Abdul Hadi al-Hassani, believed that the visit will contribute to resolve differences over the outstanding issues between the two sides. (more…)

House of Representatives to raise its the 11th of next month after completing the questioning of Secretary of Baghdad

Completed the House of Representatives in the sixth regular session of the second legislative term of the second legislative year, which was held under the chairmanship of the House of Representatives and the presence of Osama al [170] deputy secretary on Wednesday questioned Baghdad, Sabir al-Issawi and decided to raise its day on Sunday 11/12/2011. (more…)

Baghdad (news) .. praised President Jalal Talabani in Baghdad on Wednesday, the U.S. role in the process of rebuilding Iraq and its institutions and to assist in achieving stability, came during a meeting with Vice-President of the United States, Joseph Biden, who confirmed that the phase following the complete withdrawal of troops U.S. is a vital stage for diplomacy and cooperation in the fields of construction and development.

A statement by the Presidency of the Republic received the Agency (news) a copy of it on Wednesday: President Talabani welcomed the start of the meeting the guest and his accompanying delegation, praising the U.S. role in helping the Iraqi people get rid of the most notorious dictatorial regime and destroy the establishment of a democratic, federal .. He also praised the U.S. role in the process of rebuilding Iraq and its institutions and to assist in achieving stability. (more…)

Arbil, November 30 (Rn) – Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki during a meeting with U.S. Vice-President, who is visiting Baghdad, now that his country stands with the people demanding freedom in the Arab region.

Experiencing several Arab countries, especially Syria and Yemen massive uprisings against the regimes there. And fell thousands of deaths since the outbreak of demonstrations in those two countries. (more…)

Arbil, November 30 (Rn) – The Iraqi government announced Wednesday a meeting of the High Joint Coordinating Committee between Iraq and the United States in the presence of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and Vice President Joe Biden.

Biden arrived in Baghdad to air Tuesday night on a visit to discuss with senior Iraqi officials, relations between the two countries after the withdrawal of U.S. troops. (more…)

Vodpod videos no longer available. – Nguyen Kim Thanh, Head of Banking Strategy Institute believed that the dollar exchange rate fluctuations would be kept within 1% band given the government’s determination and tight monetary policies.

Vietnamese dong often experiences a lot of downward pressure at year end, said Nguyen Kim Thanh, Head of Banking Strategy Institute, yet believing that the dollar exchange rate fluctuations would be kept within 1% band given the government’s determination and tight monetary policies. (more…)

Baghdad (newsletter).Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari with us Assistant Secretary Jeffrey Feltman, who arrived with Vice President Biden yesterday to Baghdad, steps and methods of output sound from the Iraq item VII.

Foreign Ministry source said (News News Agency): Zebari on Wednesday discussed with Veltman political situation in Iraq and the region, they also discussed ways and correct steps for sound output from Iraq item VII permanently.

Source: Zebari also discussed weviltman organize a u.s. Embassy and consulates with the Iraqi Government, preparations and preparations for bilateral meetings between the two sides and the next Prime Minister’s visit to Washington. The source: the two sides a healthy ways to eject Iraq from Chapter VII. (more…)

United States of America and the Republic of Iraq are committed to establishing a strong partnership and relations on the basis of common interests that will continue to grow for years to come.

The two countries entered a new phase of relationship, and before them a historic opportunity to strengthen relations in the areas beyond the security area to include the fields of economy, education, culture, justice, environment, energy and other important areas in order to build a multi-faceted relationship.

Three years ago the two countries signed a framework agreement of strategic partnership, which came as a confirmation that both sides wanted to establish ties of cooperation and long-term friendship. The framework agreement is an agreement of strategic partnership is continuing, is the basis on which it will build our relations with the continuing mutual benefit. (more…)

Baghdad, November 30 (Rn) – The media office of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, Wednesday, the latter will deliver today with Vice President Joseph Biden to discuss topics of common interest, notably the military withdrawal, while the government source confirmed that the visit will focus on activating the Framework Agreement Joint between the two countries will discuss a immunity of U.S. trainers

And U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden to Baghdad on a visit was scheduled earlier this month.

And began to pace the U.S. military withdrawal from Iraq and escalate according to the tables of the security agreement, and Iraqi security officials say that America has 12 000 troops in Iraq only in seven military sites. (more…)

Agree with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki with U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, who arrived yesterday evening in Baghdad on a visit for two days, the normal relationship between Iraq and the United States after the American withdrawal end of the year.

A source in the prime minister on Wednesday: that al-Maliki, who met Biden this morning discussed a number of issues pertaining to the political process and the stage of U.S. support for Iraq after the U.S. withdrawal, as well as cultural and economic fields.

The source added: Maliki and Biden agreement to establish a strong partnership and relations on the basis of common interests for several years. (more…)

BAGHDAD, Nov. 30 (AKnews) – Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki will discuss U.S. involvement in protecting Iraqi borders and airspace with U.S. vice president Joseph Biden, a senior member of the State of Law Coalition said Wednesday. Biden arrived in Iraq on Tuesday night and his trip will move on to Greece and Turkey.

The leader of SLC Hussein al-Asadi told AKnews during Biden’s visit he will discus bilateral relations after the withdrawal of U.S. troops and implementation of the Security Agreement between the two countries with Maliki.

Baghdad (news) .. Iraq confirmed, and the U.S. commitment to establishing a strong partnership and relations on the basis of common interests that will continue to grow for years to come.

A joint statement between Iraq and the United States after meeting Maliki and Biden, members of the Coordinating Committee of the Supreme framework agreement of strategic partnership got the (agency news) a copy of it: that the two countries entered a

new phase of the relationship and that they have a historic opportunity to strengthen relations in the areas beyond the security area to include the fields of economy, education, culture, justice, environment, energy and other areas vital to building a multi-faceted. (more…)

On: Wed, 11/30/2011 15:47

Baghdad (news) .. President of the Republic, Jalal Talabani, Vice President Joe Biden and the delegation accompanying him on Wednesday afternoon at work.

A source in the presidency (of the Agency news) on Wednesday: President Talabani I keep Vice President Joe Biden and the delegation accompanying him, where they discussed a number of issues relating to Iraq and the United States. (more…)

Baghdad (news) .. said President Jalal Talabani said that our basic goal is to be our relations with neighboring countries based on the foundations of mutual benefit and constructive cooperation and away from the policy of axes and we hope to adopt siblings and neighbors a similar position which is beneficial to all parties.

Talabani said in speech to the Conference on Iraqi group for Strategic Studies, held in Baghdad on Wednesday and delivered on his behalf by his senior adviser, Abdul Latif Rasheed said that our position in support of the uprisings People associated with our thrust to maintain our national interests and the desire to avoid the peoples of the region likely strife civil or exclusivity partisan and factional. (more…)

US Vice President Joe Biden said on Wednesday the United States and Iraq are embarking on a new phase in their ties after Washington kept its promise to pull all of its troops out of the country.

Biden, President Barack Obama’s point man on Iraq, was speaking a day after arriving on a surprise eighth visit to Baghdad since he took office, a trip that follows a bloody seven days in which at least 61 Iraqis were killed.

“Our troops… are leaving Iraq and we are embarking on a new path together, a new phase in this relationship… between two sovereign nations,” Biden said at the opening of a meeting of the US-Iraq Higher Coordinating Committee.

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]The Iraqi News Agency Independent / Baghdad / n. U / hold the coalition in Iraq this evening an emergency meeting chaired by the leader list Iyad Allawi and the presence of all the list members, and ministers

A source close to the reporter in the coalition (and independent Iraqi news agency) The meeting today will discuss the most important issues, including the targeting of the parliament building as well as Performance of members of the Iraqi Council of Representatives Delay in naming and security ministries vacant. (more…)

11/30/2011 2:00 PM

ARBIL / Aswat al-Iraq: US Vice-President, Joe Biden, is scheduled to visit north Iraq Kurdistan Region’s capital of Arbil later on Wednesday, to confer with its President, Massoud Barzani, on several issues related to the bilateral relations between the United States and Kurdistan Region, a Kurdisan government source reported.

“The schedule of Biden’s visit, now visting Baghdad, includes a visit to the Kurdistan Region to meet its President, Massoud Barzani,” the said source stressed, adding that “both sides would discuss joint relations between both sides.” (more…)

Baghdad (newsletter).The political body of the National Alliance, an extraordinary meeting Tuesday, chaired by Dr. Ibrahim Al-Jaafari to discuss the latest developments in the current political landscape.

The agenda of the meeting, a statement from his Office of Jaafari received (News Agency news) copy: discuss a number of important subjects, notably oil and gas Act, the Federal Court Act, and the bombing yesterday in the House. (more…)

Arbil, November 30 (Rn) – The U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s historic visit to Burma, the Southeast Asian country that has isolated a long time to test the civilian government in the country the first time in decades on the commitment to reform, including cutting military ties and nuclear with North Korea. according to Fox News, Wednesday. (more…)

The latest daily currency auction was held in the Central Bank of Iraq on the 30-NOV-2011. The results were as follows:

Number of banks 25
Auction price selling dinar / US$ 1170
Auction price buying dinar / US$ —–
Amount sold at auction price (US$) 157,313,000
Amount purchased at Auction price (US$) —–
Total offers for buying (US$) 157,313,000
Total offers for selling (US$) —–

Biden in Baghdad, then off to Turkey and Greece

Biden landed on Tuesday afternoon in Baghdad and is expected to hold meetings with top Iraqi officials about the future of the U.S.-Iraqi partnership. He will stay for two days, multiple news outlets reported.

“Vice President Biden has arrived in Baghdad, Iraq,” his office said in a release. “While there, the Vice President will co-chair a meeting of the U.S.-Iraq Higher Coordinating Committee. He will also meet with Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, President Jalal Talabani, Speaker Osama al-Nujaifi, and other political leaders. The Vice President will also participate in, and give remarks at, an event to commemorate the sacrifices and accomplishments of U.S. and Iraqi troops.”

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BAGHDAD—Vice President Joe Biden arrived unannounced in Iraq on Tuesday to mark the end of a controversial chapter of American history and the beginning of what the Obama administration hopes is a new partnership with the country after nearly nine years of war.

Mr. Biden’s visit is poised to be rich in symbolism and emotion as he meets with Iraqi leaders and pays homage to U.S. troops, the last of which are preparing to return home by the end of the year. Since the U.S.-led invasion in 2003, the Iraq war has claimed more than 4,400 American lives, left some 32,000 service members injured, and cost U.S. taxpayers more than $800 billion.

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Joe Biden, US Vice PresidentArbil, November 29 (Rn) – U.S. Vice President Joe Biden to Baghdad on Tuesday evening to visit the media said it aims American to meet his country’s troops approaching from the complete withdrawal from Iraq by the end of this year.

The agency quoted Yu. Me. Any U.S. sources as saying that Biden arrived in Baghdad “in an unannounced visit” in the six-thirty pm local time.

He was welcomed by U.S. Ambassador James Jeffrey and the commander of U.S. forces in Iraq, Gen. Lloyd Austin and a group of American diplomats.


Parliamentary Finance Committee: late submission of the federal budget for 2012 was due to the objection of the International Monetary Fund and the political blocs involved in the delay

Baghdad (news) .. confirmed the Finance Committee representative to the International Monetary Fund objected to the federal budget for 2012, which led to a delay in submission to the House of Representatives, indicating that the objection was the result of Matkdmt by the budget deficit rate of large, which amounted to 30% of the value of the budget, noting they agreed in principle to reduce the investment budget by 15% in order to avoid fiscal deficits there.

He / member of the Finance Committee representative / MP Haitham Jubouri (of the Agency news) on Tuesday: it is both legal and economic may not be detailed budget, but must come to the House a boost one either come at the Ministry of Defense and each internal unit that is not reasonable where they want us to discuss the budget for a number of ministries and we do not know the whole, adding that the demands to discuss the budget of the ministries of interior and defense was the result of demand for real, the file of the U.S. withdrawal, but this is included in the folds of pressure on the government to accelerate the adoption of the budget and sent to the House of Representatives. (more…)

James JeffreyJeffrey says that the success of a democratic Iraq is in his country

Arbil, November 29 (Rn) – The U.S. ambassador to Baghdad James Jeffrey Tuesday that the success of the political process in Iraq is in Washington. He pointed out that the United States will work to support the Iraqi government “legitimacy and democracy.”

The words of Jeffrey operations while implementing his orderly withdrawal from Iraq to the remaining number of troops, amounting to less than 18 thousand.

Despite the claims of the survival of a limited number of U.S. troops to withdraw and that the plan has reached an advanced stage and nearing to withdraw last troops before the beginning of next year. (more…)

29/11/2011 12:46:00

A  senior Iraqi official announced that a U.S. delegation headed by senior Joe Biden, U.S. Vice President arrives in Baghdad on Tuesday afternoon.

He said the reporter ( and independent Iraqi news agency ) that the delegation will be the task of negotiations with Iraqi officials about the planned withdrawal at the end of the year, and will participate in a ceremony held at the base of the occasion of Victory Ba commitment to the security agreement between the two sides.

The source said that “Iraqi officials will sign several Agayat in the cultural, commercial and economic development within the strategic framework agreement.”

Official US Vice President Public Schedule: LINK

As announced Baghdad for an expected visit of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to Kuwait in December next, to discuss outstanding issues between the two countries, stressed the mission of the United Nations to help Iraq (UNAMI) to its new president, Martin Kobler touching the good intentions to ensure good-neighborly relations between the two countries.

But the expectations of politicians and observers differed on the possibility that this visit will contribute to close the outstanding issues, to open a new page of bilateral relations.

Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari announced last Saturday that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki will visit Kuwait in the coming days in response to an invitation from his Kuwaiti counterpart to discuss all issues the relationship between the two countries. (more…)

Iraq discusses the activities of the UNIDO Industrial Development for the year 2011

Iraqi delegation headed by Mr. Adel Karim, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals in Iraq, accompanied by Mr. Najib Shirwan Iraq’s ambassador in Vienna, Permanent Representative of Iraq in the organization and several members of the embassy in the Fourteenth Conference of the UNIDO Industrial Development, held in Vienna. (more…)