Meeting: Maliki and Biden; Coordinating Committee of the Supreme Iraqi – U.S. recognizes a number of agreements and commitments

Posted: November 30, 2011 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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Baghdad (news) .. Iraq confirmed, and the U.S. commitment to establishing a strong partnership and relations on the basis of common interests that will continue to grow for years to come.

A joint statement between Iraq and the United States after meeting Maliki and Biden, members of the Coordinating Committee of the Supreme framework agreement of strategic partnership got the (agency news) a copy of it: that the two countries entered a

new phase of the relationship and that they have a historic opportunity to strengthen relations in the areas beyond the security area to include the fields of economy, education, culture, justice, environment, energy and other areas vital to building a multi-faceted.

The statement added: Three years ago the two countries signed strategic partnership framework agreement, which came as a confirmation that both sides wanted to establish ties of cooperation and long-term friendship. The framework agreement of strategic partnership is an agreement continues, is the foundation built by our ongoing, mutually beneficial, and today we meet again in Baghdad in order to emphasize our commitment to this important partnership and our commitment to the principles of cooperation and sovereignty, mutual respect, as stipulated in the terms of a framework agreement of strategic partnership

The statement noted: that Maliki and Biden met with members of the Coordinating Committee of Supreme framework agreement of strategic partnership on Wednesday, with emphasis on the size of the accomplishment achieved under the framework agreement of strategic partnership, which draw a path for further cooperation.

and the statement that Iraq is seeking to access the cooperation of the United States to build a system of higher education to be more sedate and expand education programs for English language and the preservation of Iraqi cultural heritage rich in particular by helping in the maintenance of archaeological sites as the site of ancient Babylon, which helped the United States to maintain and provided support for the Institute for the Iraqi maintenance Antiquities and Heritage.

The statement said: that the United States will stick with the support Iraq in its quest to develop the energy sector and countries seek to find ways to activate the Iraqi oil production and maintain, and operate the United States to help Iraq train its cadres in the field of operation, maintenance and provision of spare parts required for the production of oil and electricity and to support Iraqi government’s plan strategy for the development of electricity during the Thirty Years to come.

The statement added that both Iraq and the United States believe that the independent judiciary is a cornerstone for building a stable democratic system. The United States has provided assistance and professional support for the prison administration and development and through judicial training programs, which included training about Iraq through the Judicial Development Institute. The United States will continue to provide technical assistance and advisory services to the Iraqi police and send a number of them to the United States in the sessions, especially during the next three years for the development of leadership capabilities.

The statement noted: that the United States continue to cooperate closely with the Republic of Iraq in the international fora to achieve common interests of the two countries as the United States support for the Iraqi Government’s plans and efforts to resolve all issues relating to Chapter VII has devoted the U.S. special meeting of the Security Council of the United Nations in December / 2010 to put an end to many of the Chapter VII issues dating back to the reign of the former regime in Iraq .

The statement declared the U.S. commitment to supporting Iraqi Government’s plans to improve services and the development of road networks, bridges and airports to be the level of international standards, to improve agriculture and irrigation systems and to support trade and export opportunities through exchange programs between Iraqi businessmen and Americans, and continued: The United States is working to support Iraq, including needs of experience in banking and assist in the design and implementation of the banking system developed to meet the need for Iraq’s current and future.

The United States pledges to support Iraq for the development of health care services and raise the level of public health and health awareness campaigns.

either in the commercial and financial cooperation, the statement noted that Iraq is the United States and the Republic of Iraq Sioasla their efforts to strengthen relations of trade and financial cooperation and closer ties between businessmen in both countries since 1988, involved the United States for the first time in the Baghdad International Fair which was held recently with 85 companies and the U.S., after the success in the business and investment, which was held in Washington, DC in 2009.

The statement stressed: it is in the financial framework of the United States support the efforts of the Iraqi government for the development of private banks and financial institutions and provide the necessary expertise to do so.

In this context, the United States to develop plans for new lending to small and medium enterprises in addition to the amounts appropriated for these projects, which amount to $ 50 million.

and drew obvious that the two governments Ttalaaan to the next meeting and recommendations of the Dialogue Forum Business U.S. – Iraqi and U.S. companies – Iraq, which has vowed to strengthen trade relations between the two countries

With Bejs cooperation in security and defense, said the joint statement: that all from the Republic of Iraq and the United States recognize the importance of close cooperation in the field of security and defense as to enhance security and stability in both countries. The two sides stress their commitment to continue to strengthen this cooperation through the strategic framework agreement the service of the quietest and the interests of both common and confirms both the Republic of Iraq and the United States at the beginning of a new stage of bilateral relations as they stood together to make more efforts to build a better future for both countries, where the United States provided support to the Iraqi army in the field of processing equipment and construction of military facilities. The United States plans to provide foreign military financing to complete the funding commitments made ​​by the direction of the Government of Iraq for the additional equipment and land, vol training of the army and internal security forces.

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