The National Alliance meeting to discuss the current political landscape update

Posted: November 30, 2011 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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Baghdad (newsletter).The political body of the National Alliance, an extraordinary meeting Tuesday, chaired by Dr. Ibrahim Al-Jaafari to discuss the latest developments in the current political landscape.

The agenda of the meeting, a statement from his Office of Jaafari received (News Agency news) copy: discuss a number of important subjects, notably oil and gas Act, the Federal Court Act, and the bombing yesterday in the House.

The meeting stressed the importance of an integrated strategic consensus by all Iraqi political forces to the oil wealth as a strategic national affair.

National Coalition emphasized the need to develop understandings are inconsistent with the rights of the Iraqi people, with respect to the Federal Court Act, because of their significant role in shaping the legal paths.

With regard to the security breach that occurred yesterday near the Iraqi Council of representatives of National Coalition urged the importance of accelerating the investigation of fundamentalism, and to inform public opinion on the circumstances of this incident. Stressing non-anticipating security investigations, or jamming of its course through statements express

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