Foreign Relations Committee, which hosts the technical delegation visited Kuwait, the most important themes

Posted: January 5, 2012 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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Foreign Relations Committee hosts the Under Secretary of State Haj Hamoud, looking for his relationship with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Hosted the parliamentary Foreign Relations Committee, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Mohamed Al-Haj Hammoud to discuss the issue out of Iraq from Chapter VII and its repercussions.

The Committee discussed with Hamoud concepts emerge from Chapter VII Is it the interest of Iraq to resolve the obligations of a deal out of it once.

Protect Iraqi funds and rescheduling of debt owed by Iraq were also topics of discussion at a meeting on Wednesday, 4/1/2012 in addition to discussing the ratification of the Additional Protocol to the Comprehensive Safeguards Agreement and the fulfillment of the obligations of Iraq’s international and diplomatic move, legal internationally more broadly to end the commitments of the past endured by Iraq because of the policies of Saddam’s regime.

He touched on the meeting, chaired by Sh. Hamoudi, Chairman of the Committee to other issues, including the draft Law on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the relationship with the ministry at the beginning of the new year.

She thanked the Committee on Foreign Relations of the Ministry to change the deal with the committee also revealed some positive members of the committee for the new phase of the relationship between the Commission and the Ministry based in Iraq’s interest first and keep dealing for personalization and sensitivity.

This Committee will host the next Saturday the technical team headed by Dr. Thamer Ghadban to discuss the report of the delegation, which visited the port of Kuwait on Mubarek

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