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Date: Monday 05/03/2012 10:32

The Iraqi government announced it had received assurances from Washington to extend the term of protection of the United States to Iraqi funds for one additional year from the twenty-second of May next

and the adviser said Iraqi Prime Minister for Legal Affairs Fadhil Mohammed Jawad, said the Iraqi government formally asked its counterpart the U.S. to extend the protection of Iraqi funds for the year (more…)


Date: Monday 05/03/2012 22:14

Baghdad (news) .. received Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari on Monday of the Kuwaiti ambassador accredited to Iraq, Ali Mohammed insured, a letter from the Emir of Kuwait Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah to President Jalal Talabani regarding the participation of Kuwait in the next Arab summit.

A statement by the Kharahih Iraqi received the Agency ( news) copy of it: The also discussed with the Kuwaiti Ambassador, bilateral relations and ways of developing them for the general interest of the peoples of Iraq and Kuwait. (more…)

Date: Monday 05/03/2012 15:03

Baghdad (news) .. The head of the House of Representatives Osama Abdul Aziz Najafi that the issues of political reform, and complete the process of democratization, human rights situation, and confront extremism and internal violence in the Arab countries, the most prominent political challenges posed within each Arab country. ”

Nujaifi said during his speech which he delivered at the meeting of the Federation of Arab parliaments in Kuwait: The Arab world will not reach than unless it addresses the internal and external challenges facing it, and of political problems and security, economic and social. ” (more…)

Date: Monday 05/03/2012 17:51

Iraq will be presented at the Public Economic upcoming summit

Central Bank of Iraq said that the Arab summit to be held in Baghdad from the most appropriate forums to discuss the Arab Iraq’s debt with the Arab countries.

The deputy governor of Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, said that there is the question and the other Iraqi special issue of public debt on the subject of Arab Iraq, which has not been settled so far, except for Algeria and some other countries. He noted that some small countries, Malta Kcyprus dropped all the debts on Iraq, while there are countries did not fall sister debts on Iraq so far. (more…)

04/03/2012 01:24
Economist Husam Obeid called on central bank to speed up the deletion of zeros from the Iraqi currency to eliminate the negative actions arising from the density of cash. (more…)


The Iraqi government announced Saturday (March 3rd) that a joint Iraqi-Kuwaiti committee has been formed to resolve outstanding disputes between the two countries.

The committee will begin its mission when Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s visits Kuwait this month. (more…)

05/03/2012 01:50
Started today in Kuwait City events Eighteenth Conference of the Arab Parliamentary Union with the participation of parliamentary delegation to Iraq headed by House Speaker Osama Najafi. (more…)

Logo of the Cooperation Council for the Arab S...

Monday 05 March 2012

Students and foreign ministers of the Gulf Cooperation Council Iraq to complete the implementation of international resolutions issued in favor of Kuwait, as confirmed that the Council shows its commitment to full Iraqi sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity, called the Iraqi parties to make efforts to achieve political reconciliation lasting, comprehensive and state-building based on the rule of law and respect for human rights in order to Iraq’s re-role. (more…)

Date: Monday 05/03/2012 10:08

Iraq handed over the State of Kuwait property belong to it seized by the former regime in 1990, comes at a time arrived in Kuwait House Speaker Osama Najafi to participate in the conference of Arab parliaments.

On the other hand, is visiting delegation of senior Iraqi Tehran during the next Tuesday to discuss some outstanding issues . (more…)

04/03/2012 14:12:00

The Iraqi News Agency Independent / Baghdad / follow-up … He adviser to Prime Minister Mohammed Fadhil that most of the money and Iraqi oil revenues are deposited in the U.S. central bank, adding that Iraq needs to renew the protection for these funds in order not to allow any company booking them.

Mohammed said through a press statement transferred reporter (news agency the Iraqi Independent) that the money and revenue reserves, whether the Iraqi central bank money or property caused by the Iraqi government export oil now exist in America by 90% or more (more…)

Date: Monday 05/03/2012 15:00

Deputy for the National Alliance on Alfalh, to claim the International Monetary Fund cut the budget did not affect the budget of the provinces in order to reduce inflation is winning.

“And added that the operational budget for the current year took into account primarily the completion of service projects and economic development such as the electricity sector and the promotion of infrastructure.”

He pointed out that the government has made a special effort with the International Monetary Fund and to urge the support of Iraq and to reduce the inflation situation and work to Sataqrar the Iraqi dinar. “

Sunday 4 March 2012

MP called on the mass of the Virtue Susan Saad Speaker Osama Najafi to the introduction of file replication Iraqi fishermen detained by the Kuwaiti authorities during his visit to Kuwait. ”

Saad said a statement that “resolving the file replication reservation Iraqi fishermen by the Kuwaiti authorities has become necessary and must be put an end to him.” (more…)


According to the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Martin Kobler that the UN has worked to support the Electoral Commission in seven electoral processes held in Iraq.

The Kubler in a statement received by the Agency (news) a copy of it on Monday: can the people of Iraq take pride Commission Electoral that have emerged for the existence of a model emulated by most of the countries in the region, which sought to benefit from the experiences of the Commission arose at the invitation of Commissioners Iraqis and UNHCR staff to monitor the elections in those States, and that the United Nations has worked to support the Commission in seven electoral processes held in Iraq. (more…)

The latest daily currency auction was held in the Central Bank of Iraq on the 5-MAR-2012. The results were as follows:

Number of banks 18
Auction price selling dinar / US$ 1166
Auction price buying dinar / US$ —–
Amount sold at auction price (US$) 199,765,000
Amount purchased at Auction price (US$) —–
Total offers for buying (US$) 199,765,000
Total offers for selling (US$) —–

Top Iraqi energy officials say oil production is now over three million barrels per day, will rise to around 12 million bpd by 2017.

Middle East Online

Iraq exported 65.3 million barrels of crude in January

BAGHDAD – Iraq’s oil production is now over three million barrels per day (bpd), the country’s highest output since 1979, top Iraqi energy officials said on Monday in Baghdad.

“Oil production is now over three million barrels per day,” Hussein al-Shahristani, Iraq’s deputy prime minister for energy affairs, said in a speech at the oil ministry. (more…)

Beirut, March 4 (Rn) – in a report on security events that is sweeping Iraq, it was considered the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, U.S. research that years after the U.S. withdrawal from Iraq will experience some negative reactions against the United States, this does not mean that the U.S. influence in Iraq has collapsed, but shows that it should be invested political capital wisely to influence the issues of greatest importance. (more…)

A parliamentary source said on Monday that the meeting of the Council of Representatives of 26 of the second legislative term of the second legislative year, which will be held on Tuesday, will see a continuation of discussion of the proposed amnesty law and the second reading of the seven bills.

Posted 05/03/2012

BAGHDAD – Babinaoz (Reuters) – Political analyst forecast just impediment “to be the future of Iraq is the most effective and Alonsah in the region, Saudi Arabia returned attempt a rapprochement with Iraq once again attempt to save face.” (more…)


Open a partnership agreement in the field of energy between Iraq and the European Union voted on by the House of Representatives recently, broad prospects for strengthening cooperation in various fields, which may contribute to the transformation of Iraq to the state number one in the world in the production of energy kinds. (more…)