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MARCH 15, 2012 – Vietnam needs to set up an independent central bank to deploy the monetary policy with the basic objectives to stabilize prices and curb inflation, said experts of the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The central bank needs more specific and independent tasks, said IMF senior economist Rina Bhattacharya at a seminar discussing policy challenges of Vietnam in transition to a middle-income economy held by IMF and the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) in Hanoi on Wednesday. (more…)


Dahuk, March 17 / March (Rn) – The decision of the parliamentary economic committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives, Saturday, out for about two billion U.S. dollars from the Iraqi market within one month, warning, which he called the seriousness of continuing to pull the dollar because it affects the power of the Iraqi dinar.

Mahma said Khalil told the Kurdish news agency (Rn), said Saturday that “as economic indicators have emerged from the Iraqi market about two billion U.S. dollars in one month only.” (more…)

BAGHDAD – Omar Hammadi experiencing bonds Iraqi government in high demand in international markets, although not to enter Iraq in the international rankings of the bonds due to the continued inclusion in the Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations. (more…)

May you have all the happiness and luck that life can hold,

And at the end of all your rainbows may you find a pot of gold!

Iraq (and brother): reject the demarcation of the border with Kuwait in accordance with UN resolution 833 because part of our territory to deduct for Kuwait

The Iraqi list MP Hamid al-mutlaq encroach on Iraqi territory, “he said, referring to UN resolution 833, demarcation of the border with Kuwait to Iraq will come apart. (more…)

03/16/2012 17:20

BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: President of the Iraqi bloc white parliamentary Qutaiba Jubouri, on Friday, Prime Minister’s visit last to the Kuwait embodied an important turning point in the Iraqi-Kuwaiti relations, calling on Kuwaiti officials to contribute to remove Iraq from Chapter VII and extinguish the debts incurred by him since the system Previous invaded Kuwait in 1990. (more…)

On: Saturday 03/17/2012 20:10

High Commission of Iraq – Kuwait begins its mid-April next
BAGHDAD – Alaa al-Tamimi

He is a member of the Foreign Relations Committee, the parliamentary hoped to resolve all outstanding issues between Iraq and Kuwait after the Arab summit. At a time when media adviser to Prime Minister Ali al-Moussawi said the Iraqi High – Kuwait will start its work the middle of next April, called for political blocs to contribute to the success of the negotiations that took place between the two sides being the cause of nation and citizenship, not personal to the Prime Minister. (more…)

On: Saturday 03/17/2012 19:24

BAGHDAD – Baghdadiya News
Informed sources revealed that the agreement was concluded between Iraq and Kuwait recently to solve the problem of Iraqi Airways and the judge to invest U.S. $ 200 million in a joint venture between the two countries will not receive any dollars from Baghdad to its profits until the return of such funds to the treasury of Kuwait.

The sources said that «Iraq, Kuwait, during the visit of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki last agreed to solve the problem of Iraqi Airways by paying Iraq $ 500 million, including $ 300 million in cash and another $ 200 million in the form of investments in the sector of Iraqi Airways and the establishment of a joint venture between the two countries ». (more…)

Date : 3/17/2012

By Hani Al-Bahrani

(with photos) KUWAIT, March 17 (KUNA) — Since joining the World Bank (WB) in 1962, Kuwait has been an important opinion-maker and significant shareholder, said Vice President of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) at the Bank Inger Andersen.

In an exclusive interview with Kuwait News Agency (KUNA), Andersen said that the main purpose of her visit is “to listen” and get a better understanding of the progressing relationship between Kuwait and WB. (more…)

17/03/2012 16:51

Cairo, March 17 / March (Rn) – The Chairperson of the Commission of Social Affairs and Women and Children in the Arab Parliament of the Arab League to be raising the issue of addressing poverty among the Arab peoples at the top of Baghdad, believing that what he had of revolutions Arab caused by economic first place. (more…)

On: Saturday 03/17/2012 14:11

Wasit (news) .. Welcomed the member / Iraqi bloc white / in Wasit Ghazanfar watermelon Maliki visited Kuwait, noting that Kuwait is the key to solving Iraq’s problems.

The melon (of the Agency news) on Saturday: We welcome the visit of Prime Minister of the State of Kuwait, Kuwait is the promise we Muftaj resolve all the problems in Iraq. (more…)

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Baghdad (AIN) –Head of the Iraqi National Alliance Ibrahim al-Jaafary received in his office on Friday the Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and discussed the outcome of the Iraqi delegation’s visit to Kuwait of last Wednesday.

A statement announced by Jaafary’s office stated that “Both sides discussed the positive outcome of the visit.” (more…)

On: Saturday 03/17/2012 10:54

Baghdad (news) .. approved by the Finance Committee MP / National Alliance / Secretary Hadi Abbas, the existence of errors in some paragraphs of the general budget and will serve the House of Representatives to edit and add new paragraphs during future sessions.

Abbas said (of the Agency news) on Saturday: there are errors appeared in some paragraphs of the financial budget for the current year will be to edit and add new paragraphs during the future sessions of the House of Representatives, and among these amendments paragraph off the salaries of retirees of municipal councils in the provinces, and add a paragraph to the proposal submitted by the Education Committee of the parliamentary establishment of schools in a payment on credit. (more…)

On: Saturday 03/17/2012 12:04

Baghdad (news) .. Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed that Warka Bank is able to recover himself again that he has guarantees of real estate of up to (250) billion dinars, and multiple branches in the country, noting that the trusteeship was to keep the funds of depositors and financial stability in the country.

Saleh said (of the Agency news) said on Saturday: The Central Bank commissioned an observer of the accounts, prepare a special report Bank of Warka to show whether it is able to restore itself to be help by the Central Bank or need to hire a new management temporary until payment of the debt owed on it. (more…)

Date: Saturday, 17-03-2012 01: 17 pm

Baghdad (newsletter) … Energy Commission member warned, oil change MP/block/Bayezid Hassan continued smuggling of petroleum products outside the country illegally, calling the need to operationalize the Act against those involved in smuggling to reduce this phenomenon.

Hassan said (News Agency news) on Saturday: activation code to combat the phenomenon of smuggling of petroleum products abroad issued by the Chamber of deputies in the previous meetings, to reduce this phenomenon being spread significantly in recent times. (more…)