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By LARA JAKES, Associated Press
BAGHDAD (AP) — A summit of Arab leaders, held here for the first time in a generation, is a prime opportunity for Iraq to reassert itself as a political player in the Arab world after years of war, isolation and American occupation.

It also puts Iraq’s Shiite leadership under pressure to pick a side in the bitter sectarian politics dividing the region. The top item on the agenda — the crisis in Syria — is seen by Iraq’s suspicious Arab brethren as a litmus test of whether Baghdad is with them or with their top rival, Shiite-led Iran.

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BAGHDAD / Baghdadiya News / .. Revealed financial sources that the sensation seemed to escalate since 2008 and so far about the value of stock prices in the Iraqi market for securities that have faced hit hard during the past decades and will direct them blow the largest in the event of reduction of share value to one penny, according to planning the CBI.

At a time in which the central bank to be considered as a date 1/1/2013 to officially start the flow of the new Iraqi dinar after deleting three zeros from him to cash transactions in Iraq, decided to calculate the final value price per share in circulation as of the same date a penny instead of current price is one dinar, and this is what several economists will suffer a major problem of the Iraqi stock market.


24/03/2012 14:32

Dahuk, March 24 / March (Rn) – The decision of the parliamentary economic committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives, Saturday, that the new Iraqi currency will of the Kurdish language alongside Arabic and English, as well as photographs of the archaeological features of the Kurdistan region.

He said Mahma Khalil told the Kurdish news agency (Rn), on Saturday that “the restructuring of the Iraqi currency and delete zeros of the three of them would give them economic advantages task,” adding that “it was agreed with four foreign companies a giant re-printing the new currency after deleting three zeros from the beginning of next year.” . (more…)


BAGHDAD / Baghdadiya News / .. An official high in the monetary authority increased pressure on the Iraqi economy after the feet of institution-based Swift Broxsl isolate Iranian banks from the global banking system

What prevents them from doing any banking activity.


Date: Saturday, 24-03-2012 01: 30 pm

Baghdad (newsletter) …Member of the Finance Committee warned Deputy/National Alliance/Abdul Hussein Al-yasseri, from the increased demand for US dollar-buying because of the deteriorating security situation in neighbouring States, calling for not reducing the sale of the dollar in the Central Bank auction when demand for buy it to preserve the value of the dinar against the dollar.

He said Al-yasseri (News Agency news) on Saturday: increased demand for buying the dollar gets as a result of war or political motivation in a particular country, thereby generating a kind of propaganda for peoples that the currency will fall or landing, it begins the process of dragging the dollar from neighbouring States as international currency dealing by all States. (more…)

Date: Saturday, 24-03-2012 03: 56 pm

Baghdad (newsletter) …Spokeswoman called Iraq Attorney Mason aldmlogi parliamentary Foreign Relations Committee to exercise its oversight role in questioning the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on his recent visit to Kuwait.

The statement said the Iraqi list received (News Agency news) on Saturday: aldmlogi called for detection of conventions that have been concluded with the Government of Kuwait in a public meeting and before the Iraqi public.

Aldmlogi said in a statement: the Iraqi people’s right to examine the form and nature of these conventions, and their impact on reconciliation and future sovereignty, especially media reports on major concessions by Iraq to Kuwait to ensure the participation of Kuwait Summit of Arabic League to be held at Baghdad

Saturday, March 24 / March 2012 13:42
Revealed the decision of the Iraqi Parliament Mohammed al-Khalidi, Saturday, that the heads of the Republic, ministers and parliament agreed to convene a meeting of the three presidencies on Sunday, as he emphasized that the meeting will discuss the national meeting was held ahead of a summit of Baghdad.

Muhammad Al-Khalidi said in an interview for “Alsumaria News”, “President Jalal Talabani, agreed during a telephone conversation, on Friday evening, with a major Minister Nuri al-Maliki and the House of Representatives Osama Najafi to hold a meeting for the three presidencies on Sunday.” (more…)

24/03/2012 – 14:53

Said President Jalal Talabani on Saturday that the upcoming Arab summit in Baghdad, an important message for the restoration of Iraq’s role in the Arab and regional levels, as pointed out he would call for the meeting of the three presidencies in order to boot the National Conference.

Talabani said in a statement issued today, and received “Alsumaria News,” a copy of it, that “the coming Arab summit in Baghdad is an important message in order to restore the leading role and pivotal posed by Iraq at the Arab and regional levels,” stressing “the need to continue to make every effort and create the conditions necessary for the success of this conference, which is a historic turning point in enhancing the status of the new Iraq and to embrace all the Arabs. ” (more…)

Baghdad, March 24 / March (Rn) – The body of the Iraq Stock Exchange today, Saturday that the deletion of three zeros from the local currency will not affect the level of equity investment of external and internal.

And announced that the Securities Commission for its off day starting from Sunday until next Thursday in response to the holiday announced by the Iraqi government. (more…)

Writings Thursday, March 22, 0.2012 at 22:39

In order to complete dominance and lead at the authority to subject state institutions to the person and the impact of making officials in the Iraqi Central Bank measures to counter the falsehood of hard currencies, particularly the dollar that you enter Iran to Iraq, has ordered Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the development of monetary policy and management of the Central Bank under his direct supervision.

came this is an official letter and face-Maliki’s central bank governor Sinan Shabibi directing after the implementation of any monetary policy, unless presented to the government means to him and at his disposal and not on the Council as ministers and advisers, has pointed to this book Region President Barzani in his speech on the occasion of celebration, Nowruz on Tuesday last wondering:

The official in the book include: the Republic of Iraq Secretariat of the Council of Ministers of the Legal Department (more…)

***please note the pic in the original story is a stack of Euros..Not Dinars

MP / Kurdistan Alliance bloc / Mahma Khalil, all contracted the Iraqi Central Bank with (4) known international companies for the printing of new currency for the printing of the new national currency after you delete the zeros of which, describing the project to delete the three zeroes from the currency as “successful” and the time is ideal for replacing them. Khalil said (of the Agency news) on Sunday:

The project to delete three zeros from the local currency is one of the important projects and at all levels, whether for economic or security to the country, pointing out that the topic of the program by the central bank and a good time to replace the ideal currency, which will be early next year. (more…)

Jawad al-Maliki meets with Secretary of State ...

24/3/2012 12: 02 am

Translation 1
Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to national meeting next week, to resolve all outstanding files Iraq with Arabic States and United Nations.

Maliki demanded during a meeting on Thursday of the Preparatory Committee for the national meeting to complete its work quickly, saying in a statement “the morning” received a copy, the urgent need to review all issues and matters relating to building the State of Iraq after the withdrawal of US forces. (more…)

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the Preparatory Committee for the national meeting to be held soon to complete its work as soon as possible.

A statement of the Prime Minister’s Office yesterday for al-Maliki as saying that “there is an urgent need to review all issues and matters relating to the construction of the Iraqi state post-withdrawal of U.S. troops.” (more…)

03/24/2012 1:54

Baghdad Yasser incumbent
is cash reserve real indicator of the economic situation of the country the more was great, it demonstrates its ability to meet the challenges and problems that beset the world and vice versa, any lack of ability and if we know that the cash reserves of Iraq is estimated at (60) billion dollars, how is measured by its ability to meet these challenges?. (more…)

24/03/2012 10:36

Baghdad 24 if / March (Rn) – The Committee of the Regions parliamentary Saturday, the approach and ideology of the Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki with central Baghdad, not to grant more powers to the provinces confirmed at the same time that al-Maliki declared again and again for refusing to expand the powers of the provinces being “Stdzi “Iraq.

The Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki last Thursday for his objection to the amendments introduced by the Committee of the Regions and provinces in the House of Representatives on the Law 21 of 2008 and considered contributing to the “reduce” the powers of the provinces. (more…)

On: Saturday 03/24/2012 6:42

research Economic and Social Council under the chairmanship of the Arab Iraq at the headquarters of the Secretariat of the League of Arab States in Cairo the issue of a file, the Economic and Social Summit scheduled for Baghdad on March 29 this month.

The Hashim Mohammed, Director General of the Department of Foreign Economic Relations, Ministry of Commerce, who chaired the meeting in a press statement yesterday, “that Iraq has completed all preparations to host the summit, which is a big event to look forward to the Arab peoples, stressing that the summit will be a quantum leap in the joint Arab action.” (more…)

On: Saturday 03/24/2012 6:40

Called on government officials and specialists in economic affairs to the need to support the private sector in the province of Basra to develop the oil industry in alignment with the increase of oil exports in the country.

The director of the Southern Oil Company Zia al-Moussawi, Iraq would be a promising market for the pipe being on the coming revolution of development in the oil sector, in addition to the need to expand the lines of pipe networks in Iraq. (more…)


Although the two summits, held in Baghdad in 1978 and 1990 were the product of two crises, the first was in response to the normalization of relations held by the late Egyptian President Anwar Sadat with Israel, and the second was after the tension of Iraq’s relations with the Gulf states, particularly Kuwait, today and prior to the Third Summit in Baghdad, which is the product of a crisis is not an Iraqi, but the Arab system as a whole is suffering from a crisis despite the structural change that has occurred in some Arab countries, the top of Baghdad, which we wish her success, indicate Buadrha first it would not be normal in all its stages, (more…)

BAGHDAD, March 24 (AKnews) – Iraq will spend some $500m (583 IQD) to host the upcoming Arab summit in Baghdad on March 29, reports the New York Times.

“Iraq is spending about $500m on the meeting, for extensive security and for everything from hotel renovations and overtime to catering, stationery and new palm trees on the road from the airport,” said Iraq’s Foreign Minister Hoshiar Zebari. (more…)


MP for the Iraqi List, Talal Zobaie about the intention of the list to replace ministers “proven failure and involved files of corruption” during an emergency meeting be held next week, in what was considered that the process of replacing the minister, “the movement of pre-emptive” aims to correct the ministerial action and the path of the government, is expected to have the move with the consent of all the blocks.

While reduced the Deputy for Iraqi unity and the importance of these statements, the MP said Qais Cdhir in contact with the (range) yesterday, the subject can not be determined so quickly, and if it is proved that the ministers of Iraq to have the financial corruption or administrative, the Iraqi is the first to account and calls for the replacement , and that there is no adherence to any person and that our standard of assessment is hard work “and the performance of ministers of Iraq, and the extent to which their public service, he added Cdhir” We can not say we are satisfied or not satisfied, some of our ministers have made an effort good, and another section we have them Some indicators, which are summarized poor performance. (more…)