CBI Treasury Bill Auction April 10, 2012

Posted: April 17, 2012 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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The auction No. C56 for Central Bank of Iraq bills based on a uniform price auction for IQD 150’000’000’000 par value for the bills  concluded on 10-4-2012.

The total public bidding is IQD 263’500’000’000 and the cut-off yield (the highest yield of the  successful bidder) determined by the auction was 5.00%.

Securities Offered Discount
Total Offerings 150’000’000’000
Total Public Bidding 263’500’000’000
Pricing Uniform
Term of Security (days) 91
Settlement Date 11-4-2012
Maturity Date 11-7-2012
Competitive Bidders 6
Winning Bidder 5
Total Valid Competitive Bids 263’500’000’000
Total competitive Bids Awarded 150’020’000’000
Range of Yields for Valid Competitive Bids [4.00%-5.30%]
Cutoff Yield (%) 5.00
Bids Received as % of Amount Offered 175.67

Details of the auctions


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