Kuwait: We support the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII and joining the Gulf Cooperation Council

Posted: April 27, 2012 in Iraq: Chapter VII, Top Headlines
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28/04/2012 0:00

Maliki renewed his call for Kuwaiti companies to contribute to the construction
of Baghdad – Cairo – the morning

with the start of resolving the outstanding issues between Baghdad and Kuwait in a meeting of the Joint Action Committee on Sunday, and Mibdi Officials of both countries of optimism, it seems that the relations, Iraq – Kuwait will be in the near future a model of bilateral relations between states Arab and regional in the region.

With Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the importance of strengthening relations between the two neighboring countries and focus on the economic file as a “weapon of the times”, declared Kuwait to support the “real” for the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII, with its call for joining (Iraq) to the Gulf Cooperation Council and re- opening of the Silk Road, which proves the history of relations between the two countries.

the new Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki during a meeting, yesterday evening, and the media delegation Kuwaitis, including a number of ministers, MPs, the Kuwaitis, the call for Kuwaiti companies to work in Iraq and contribute to the process of construction and reconstruction, as expressed members of the delegation said in a statement received “morning) a copy of it, their desire and aspiration to establish a special relationship between the two countries especially in the economic sphere, and that there will be a true partnership at work between Iraqi companies and Kuwaiti companies to invest in Iraq. He also called on members of the delegation to the need to join Iraq Cooperation Council (GCC), in addition to activation of the Silk Road to serve the common interests and economic development in the region. In Cairo, stressed the morning Khaled Hamad Al-Sabah Kuwaiti Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister and Chairman of the Arab League Council to write to the “morning” Isra-Khalifa, said that “relations, Iraq – Kuwait is witnessing a significant and tangible on the ground, and that the brothers in Iraq are positive in their dealings with Kuwait and are keen to resolve all disputes as quickly as possible, “noting that Kuwait is seeking to help Iraq out of Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations, and it does not stand in any project checks on the exit of Iraq from this chapter.

and Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari had announced during his meeting with Martin Kobler, the UN Mission in Iraq, yesterday that relations between Iraq and Kuwait is experiencing an upswing, and preparations are underway to hold the next meeting of the Iraqi-Kuwaiti joint for a period of 29-30 of this month in Baghdad to discuss bilateral issues down to the exit of Iraq’s full of the provisions of Chapter VII. In Baghdad, expect politicians to fruition meeting Iraqi – Kuwaiti expected between the two sides to resolve outstanding issues and remove Iraq from Chapter VII, emphasizing the “morning” to end the file Iraqi Airways was a good sign.



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