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On: Wednesday 01/30/2013 07:46 pm

Iraqi economic expert said, “The current monetary policy pursued by the Central Bank of Iraq has led to a reduction in the value of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar, compared to what it was before the issuance of an arrest warrant former central bank governor Sinan al-Shabibi. (more…)

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Informed judicial sources revealed that the Federal Supreme Court tends to make a decision to achieve the desire of the House of Representatives in the mandates of the three presidents, including the Prime Minister, only two sessions,

But at the same time satisfy Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and his coalition, the rule of law, which are willing to pay-Maliki as prime minister for the third time after the next parliamentary elections to be held a year from now. (more…)


BAGHDAD / JD / .. Ministry of Transport announced Iraqi quest to join the train project Gulf, which starts from Kuwait and ends in the United Arab Emirates through Saudi Arabia.

said ministry spokesman Transport Karim Nouri / a JD /: that Iraq is seeking to be a part of a project train Gulf, as it represents its strategic level Trains in the area. (more…)

parliamentary Financial Committee confirmed its readiness to offer federal financial budget for 2013 on votes in next Tuesday’s meeting.

The Committee Member said attorney Abdul Hussein Al-yasiri told {Euphrates news} on Thursday that “the Commission completed all discussions on the budget in detail and remained to be voted on.”

The Committee requested the Chair of the Parliament session next Tuesday to vote on the budget “. (more…)

Screen Shot 2012-09-23 at 9.42.59 AMWill return to the country major interest

Iraqi currency in need of a political decision to save them

Before the period was announced near the implementation of the decision of the deletion of three zeros from the Iraqi currency, and that the project will be launched early next year and will continue for two to three years. He then appeared other comments announces lingered government to the implementation of this resolution and postponed to another date. So is the project will remain a dead letter, as described by the Deputy Director of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh? (more…)

Return specialist in economic affairs Dargham Muhammad Ali, a reason for asylum CBI to increase its reserve of gold to the economic crisis taking place in most European countries and the U.S..

said Mohammed Ali (of the Agency news): The Iraq ranked (44) globally among the most possession of gold, according to the IMF report, and this center is acceptable compared to Iraq’s economy developing. (more…)

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Baghdad (AIN) –The Parliamentary Economic Committee warned from the impact of reducing the Iraqi balance of gold on the national economy.

The Secretary of the Committee, Mahama Khalil, reported to AIN that ”Reducing the Iraq balance of gold means increasing inflation and creating incorrect economic policy thus we say that the reduction of Iraqi balance of gold gives clear signs that the Iraqi economic policy is not in the right direction at this stage.” (more…)

Date: 2013/06/30 17: 00: 19 Wednesday

Baghdad (newsletter) …Financial Committee, discussed at a meeting chaired by MP Haider Al-Abbadi, Chairman of the Committee and in the presence of members of the Commission and its advisers, final draft lltkoriralmad on budget bill in 2013.

According to a statement issued by the meeting, received (News Agency news) on Wednesday that the Committee at the end of the meeting agreed on the following:- (more…)

Published on Wednesday, December 30 2 / January 2013 17:06

Counting the Iraqi Central Bank, on Wednesday, the lack of demand for foreign currency in its daily auction is not a measure of its ability to provide demand.

The governor of the Bank acting Abdul Basit Turki for “obelisk”, “The bank puts a report periodically on the extent of the market need for coin mechanisms available and the effectiveness of the procedures followed in the provision of the required quantities of the dollar, either fluctuating demand not a sign of decline provided.” (more…)

Haider Ali Jawad – 01/30/2013

The parliamentary Finance Committee announced the existence of an agreement between the political blocs to allocate 25 per cent of the surplus sale and distribution of oil and between citizens.

A member of the Committee, Haitham al-Jubouri said “there is a consensus within the Finance Committee on the introduction of a proposed Liberal bloc to allocate funds within the budget surplus distributed to the people,” noting that “the Finance Committee is considering the request now and Stdmenh in the draft budget.” (more…)

BAGHDAD / Ali Author

A number of academics to correct the course of the national economy and drive development forward and enhance the contribution of non-oil sectors (k industrial and agricultural sector and tourism) in GDP, comes the inevitable result of the implementation of economic reform policies and administrative restructuring required level. (more…)

Baghdad – and babysit – announced Iraqi Airways, contract to buy (50) aircraft type Boeing (737) and Boeing Dreamliners (787) in addition to two Aabertin intercontinental making company Airbus, while The Ministry of Transport, that Iraqi Airways will run trips lines additional to many countries of the world.

The latest daily currency auction was held in the Central Bank of Iraq on the 30-Jan-2013. The results were as follows:

Number of banks 26
Auction price selling dinar / US$ 1166
Auction price buying dinar / US$ —–
Amount sold at auction price (US$) 210,703,000
Amount purchased at Auction price (US$) —–
Total offers for buying (US$) 210,703,000
Total offers for selling (US$) —–

Exchange rates

w460Iraq on Tuesday approved a deal with Kuwait regulating the use of a shared waterway through which most of Baghdad’s oil exports flow, which Iraq had accused its neighbor of attempting to cut off.

Control of the Khor Abdullah waterway is one of several outstanding issues between Iraq and Kuwait remaining from now-executed dictator Saddam Hussein’s August 1990 invasion of the emirate.

Ali al-Alaak, cabinet secretary general, told a news conference that ministers approved the deal to regulate navigation in the Khor Abdullah, voicing hope that it would clear the way for talks on other unresolved disputes between Kuwait and Iraq.


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01/28/2013 (23:00 pm)

Revealed the Ministry of Oil for the near completion of file joint oil fields with Kuwait and Iran, and as announced the signing last decades licensing round fourth, she agreed with the Jordanian side to export crude oil through the port of Aqaba by one million barrels per day.

spokesman said the oil ministry , Assem Jihad, said in an interview to the (long-Presse), said that “both Iran and Kuwait Ibdita desire to close the file of joint oil fields,” asserting that “the joint committees between Iraq and Kuwait and Iran has made ​​great strides in resolving the file.” (more…)

Date: Sunday 01/27/2013 08:09 pm

BAGHDAD – A citizen
Praised a member of the Committee on the economy and investment MP / coalition of Kurdish Blocs / Jassim Mohammed Hussein, step the central bank to link the auction on the sale of hard currency electronically with institutions Bank and the Ministry of Finance and the General Authority for taxes will reduce the financial corruption and will support the national currency in the country. (more…)

01/29/2013 1:28 am

Informed sources said foreign banks and their capital has sponsored distinct from Abannkalmrkza Iraqi, while banks are suffering Iraqi civil two things by the Bank’s policy and Adavtalmassadr that the central bank has revived economy banks with foreign capital by opening Baavaq work, especially in the field of foreign exchange (more…)

Monday January 28, 2013

Received MP Najiba Najib member of the Finance Committee on Monday, 28/1/2013, at the headquarters of the Commission and a delegation from the Iraqi Central Bank and government banks included Mr. Mustafa Ghalib scary Director of Legal Affairs at the CBI and Acanutormagd Mohammed Hassan Suri unit manager restructuring of government banks and Mr. Walid Idi Abdul Nabi, head of statistics and research at the Central Bank of Iraq. (more…)

01/28/2013 (23:00 pm)
Said specialists in regard banking that merger small banks with each other to ensure its survival and competition in the map of the global economy, noting that developed countries seek with the present to establish banks giant by Union banking establishments to serve as the top players in the field of banking.

The head of the Association of Banks civil Abdul Aziz Hassoun said in an interview to the extent that: “the banking system in the country consists of a large group of small banks that can not keep pace with developments in the banking sector in the countries of the world advanced” pointing out that the best way for the advancement of these small banks calls to merge with Among them, noting that international banks have made ​​in advanced stages of cooperation emerged as international banks a major product of the merger. (more…)

Published on Tuesday, December 29 2 / January 2013 14:05
Nineveh/Obelisk: A correspondent “obelisk” that the representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations , Martin Kobler arrived, Tuesday, the city of Mosul for the purpose of listening to the demands of the demonstrators and transfer to the federal government.

The correspondent said that, Kobler arrived in Mosul, before noon today, for a meeting with the local government in Nineveh and representatives of the demonstrations in the city for the purpose of the transfer of their demands to the federal government. (more…)

The latest daily currency auction was held in the Central Bank of Iraq on the 29-Jan-2013. The results were as follows:

Number of banks 25
Auction price selling dinar / US$ 1166
Auction price buying dinar / US$ —–
Amount sold at auction price (US$) 213,337,000
Amount purchased at Auction price (US$) —–
Total offers for buying (US$) 213,337,000
Total offers for selling (US$) —–

Exchange rates

Monday January 28, 2013

Revealed the Kuwaiti Ambassador to the insured during a meeting with Foreign Ministry agent for Policy Planning and bilateral relations, however, Abawi an intention to Kuwaiti Prime Minister to visit Iraq soon.

A statement by the Information Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs received news agency public opinion a copy of “Undersecretary for Policy Planning and bilateral relations, however, Abawi search in the ministry’s headquarters on Monday with Kuwait’s ambassador in Baghdad to the insured common interests between the two countries.” (more…)

Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 12.35.20 PMAbbawi, Bosten discuss relations with Kuwait, works of UN Mission
27/01/2013 22:34:00

Baghdad (NINA) – Foreign Undersecretary, Labeed Abbawi, discussed with the Deputy Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General for Iraq, George Bosten, the relations with Kuwait and the works of the UN Mission in Iraq.

In a statement to the press on Sunday, Jan. 27, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that in the meeting, Bosten presented a review of his recent visit to Kuwait, praising the positive bilateral relations and trust building between Iraq and Kuwait, which will work to put an end to the outstanding issues.


Posted on Monday, December 28 2 / January 2013 13:32

Decide head of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, Osama al-Nujaifi, Monday, identifying the fifth on Tuesday of next February as the date for the vote on the federal budget for 2013.

A parliamentary source said the “obelisk”, “Najafi identified on Tuesday the fifth month of February next, a date for a vote on the federal budget for the year 2013.” (more…)

Published on Friday, January 25 2 / January 2013 15:36

Confirmed the national investment, Friday, the doors open to the investor in all sectors of British investment in Iraq.

The head of the Sami al-Araji for “obelisk”, following a meeting with Minister of British investment, “British companies and British investor will find all the doors open in front of him and in all sectors of investment in Iraq.”

He pointed out that “residential Basmaja project entered into the actual implementation since the middle of last year and the company executing Hinwa South Korea received 10% of the value of the project which is functioning normally.” (more…)

28-01-2013 12:22 PM
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UNESCO prepared a study to discuss the reality of investment in the agricultural sector in the country and the possibility of achieving progress in cooperation with the FAO and the Ministry of Agriculture.

The project coordinator confirmed support agricultural employment and growth in Iraq and the Organization of UNESCO Nidal Kazem prepare Organization study to examine the reality of investment in the agricultural sector in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organization FAO and the Ministry of Agriculture. (more…)

House of Representatives decided to raise its ninth in the second legislative term held today under the chairmanship of Osama Najafi in the presence of 169 deputies on Tuesday of next week after finishing first and second readings of three laws and look at the preliminary report on the unfortunate events in Fallujah.

And resulted in the beginning of the meeting Thamer Ibrahim Zahir was sworn in as a substitute vice martyr Aifan Saadoun al-Eifan, who killed a suicide bombing attack on him a few weeks ago in the district of Fallujah. (more…)

The latest daily currency auction was held in the Central Bank of Iraq on the 28-Jan-2013. The results were as follows:

Number of banks 29
Auction price selling dinar / US$ 1166
Auction price buying dinar / US$ —–
Amount sold at auction price (US$) 262,861,000
Amount purchased at Auction price (US$) —–
Total offers for buying (US$) 262,861,000
Total offers for selling (US$) —–

Exchange rates

Date: Sunday 01/27/2013 08:10 pm

BAGHDAD – A citizen
Search Chairman of the Board of Supreme Audit and Central Bank Governor Abdul Basit Turki Agency with British Secretary of State for Trade and Investment Lord Stephen Crane ways to develop relations between the two countries.