29/06/2013 | 01:21 PM | Kuwait News

KUWAIT, June 29 (KUNA) — The State of Kuwait welcomes recent UN Security Council resolutions concluding mandate of the special international coordinator for Kuwaiti missing and POWs and archive and charging UNAMI, the UN Assistance Mission in Iraq, with these files.

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khalid Al-Hamad Al-Sabah publicized an official statement today, reacting to the UN Security Council resolutions 2013/2107, dated 27/6/2013, regarding conclusion of the mission of the international coordinator and tasking UNAMI with following up on these issues.

The State of Kuwait welcomes these resolutions, that were issued as a result of unanimity among council member states, stipulating submission of the file of the prisoners and missing Kuwaitis, repatriation of the Kuwaiti properties to UNAMI, under Chapter VI instead of Chapter VII of the UN charter, with aim of following up on this file and presenting regular reports to the council to make the members acquainted with developments, pending a final settlement.

Moreover, Kuwait expresses appreciation for the significant role of the council, its close follow-up for years to ensure implementation of all obligations, stipulated by the council resolutions related to the state between Kuwait and Iraq, as well as continuous efforts of the UN Secretary General in this respect, the foreign minister stated.

The State of Kuwait congratulates “the brothers of Iraq for exiting the Chapter VII, affirming that this (move) will enable them restore their regular role on the regional and international arenas, will bolster the bilateral relations between the two countries and pave way to a stage where common interests of peoples of the two brotherly countries can be served.”

The exiting from Chapter VII to Chapter VI was fruit of the positive development of the relations between the State of Kuwait and the Republic of Iraq, as well as the reciprocal visits by officials of the two countries, namely the significant accords that were signed in these visits and the understanding reached on some bilateral issues and international commitments, Sheikh Sabah Al-Khalid added in the crucial official statement.

Kuwait, he elaborated, expresses support for the UNSC resolutions and affirms that the issue of the POWs and missing are purely humanitarian topics, “thus we look forward to continuity of cooperation of the Iraqi Government with the State of Kuwait and the international community within framework of the tripartite commission and the affiliate technical committee, under chairmanship of the International Committee of the Red Cross, with aim of settling this file.

In implementation of this mechanism, the ministry will task a senior diplomat in the embassy in Baghdad to work full time with UNAMI and follow up closely on this humanitarian file and cooperate directly with the Iraqi side.

The Security Council issues resolutions on basis of the responsibility to maintain international peace and security. And when it released these resolutions concerning the state between Kuwait and Iraq, it sensed the threats to peace and security of the globe.

Moreover, when the council decides not to abide by these resolutions, such a stance will be on the basis of its convictions alone, for it is the sole power that takes a decision in this respect, whether to abide by these resolutions under any chapters of the charter of the UN, the minister concluded.


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