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Member of the parliamentary financial chapter VI UN affected is excluded on the Iraqi economy
01-07-2013 05:48 AM

Baghdad (newsletter). Excluded Member of the Finance Committee, MP for the Kurdistan blocs Coalition//nagiba Naguib, chapter VI turned to Iraq after leaving the provisions of regulation VII passively on the Iraqi economy, saying that it will greatly support the economy and the investment process. (more…)

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Parliamentary economy: central bank reserves increase to more than 80 billion dollars will enhance the stability of the Iraqi dinar
01-07-2013 11:38 AM

Baghdad (news) .. Rapporteur of the Commission stressed the economy and investment MP / coalition of Kurdish blocs / Khalil Mahma, that the increase in central bank reserves of hard currency will enhance the stability of the Iraqi dinar and develop the national economy. (more…)

EFCC prompted politicians to stay away from their wrangles for the success of the Iraq exit opportunity of Chapter VII
01-07-2013 10:33 AM

Baghdad (newsletter). The Iraqi Federation of Chambers of Commerce called on politicians to stay away from their wrangles that ensues and then the success of Iraq’s investment opportunity substantial items of Chapter VII.

He said the Iraqi Federation of Chambers of Commerce President Jaafar al-Hamdani (News Agency): that in the past were feared by many international companies entering Iraq as well as foreign capital feared much of Iraq, noting that Iraq today and after emerging from Chapter VII, became a good stage for live all his sons especially workers in the private sector to build the partnership project with the Government of Iraq on the process of construction and investment. (more…)


BAGHDAD / JD / .. Finance Committee revealed Iraq’s intention to set up committees to negotiate with creditors after emerging from Chapter VII

A member of the Finance Committee Abdul Hussein al-Yasiri told / JD /: that Iraq would emerge from Chapter VII and entry in Chapter VI will enable him to solve the issue of debt with individuals and companies through dialogue and the formation of committees to negotiate with all parties after the submission of documents is a fundamentalist. (more…)

Specialists expect a qualitative economic mobility in Iraq in the coming months

I expected the Ministry of Commerce and the Federation of Chambers of Commerce to see the Iraqi market in the coming months mobility qualitatively in the buying and selling, especially after the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII.

expectations of Iraq’s return to its natural and business dealings broad international, data confirmed by officials and experts in the economy, especially after the exit of the country from Chapter VII, which will reflect positively on the Iraqi market in the coming months. (more…)

Deputy for Kurdistan: agreement on a formula for the oil and gas law with the central government
July 01, 2013 :

Detection Deputy for the Kurdistan Democratic Party, led by the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, the existence of an agreement between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government on the final version of the law of oil and gas in preparation for approval. (more…)

Bayazid Hasan: three drafts of oil and gas and there is no agreement on the adoption of their one to acknowledge
01-07-2013 12:34 PM

Erbil (newsletter). Member of the Committee said oil and energy parliamentary deputy from/change/beyazit, Parliament has put forward three draft laws for oil and gas on its shelves, including the two laws, and another proposed law, there is no agreement between the political blocs to adopt one. (more…)

19:40 01/07/2013

The Commission on Economy and Investment parliamentary citizen’s standard of living is not commensurate with the potential of the country’s bounties and riches.

A member of the Committee on the economy and investment parliamentary Amer winner “The situation of living of the citizens if the measured period of the rule of the dictatorial regime is very excellent, but if Qais including owns the country’s bounties and wealth of the citizens oppressed and place it is not commensurate with the level of the country’s economic and riches and wealth.” (more…)

Are Iraqi funds in foreign banks loose after it had been under the tutelage of America through lifting the country on the list of Chapter VII, and spoke specialists in economic affairs for the possibility of using these funds rather than money demanded by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, through the law of infrastructure,

They stressed that the disposal of the seventh item will allow the country to return to the global market and brings discreet international companies to Iraq for the purpose of work and investment. (more…)

01/07/2013 12:00 AM

Mohammad Sharif Abu Mayssam
The decision of the U.S. government to extend protection to Iraqi funds for another year, in sync with the invitation of the Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon, the Security Council to subdue controversial issue only humanitarian remaining between Iraq and Kuwait to Chapter VI of the UN Charter, which urges States to resolve their differences by peaceful means rather than Chapter VII, which authorizes the Security Council to impose its will by force, either through sanctions or military intervention .. (more…)