Parliament: exit Iraq from Chapter VII would give the freedom to dispose of his assets without external constraints

Posted: July 2, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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01-07-2013 09:35 AM

Iraq emerged from the provisions of Chapter VII, which were imposed after the invasion of Kuwait by the former regime in 1990, to return to the international community, after about 23 years of suffering and scourges, which paid for the Iraqi people.

Members of the parliamentary Economic Committee on certificates (News Agency): happiness ‘ Edit funds Iraq protection United States ‘ rivers will act freely in his money.

Member of the Economic Committee on the State of law Coalition MP Abdul Hussein Al-yassiri stressed that Iraq’s money in the investment fund has an open account at the Central Bank, and the Bank in turn has an account in a US Bank stockholders such funds after the departure of Iraq from Chapter VII.

He said Al-yasiri told (News Agency): that Iraq will be able to use its assets for the benefit of the country and therefore out of Chapter VII the political aspects because Iraq now minus rule and under Chapter VII means that Iraq against world peace.

He pointed out: the departure of Iraq from Chapter VII of great economic importance to Iraq and the country will be the case if the Governments in the world can act without American trust funds.

Al-yasseri said the State of law coalition led by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki that Iraq will be free of money paid to those affected by its entry into Kuwait and even citizens (Jordanians, Syrians, Palestinians, walasraein) who were present in Kuwait during the former regime to Kuwait.

Al-yasseri referred to: that Iraq will act as an independent sovereign State and entity and can dispose of his assets frozen.

Iraq had fulfilled its obligations to pay 41 billion dollars to Kuwait as reparations to the Iraq-Kuwait war, pay for the Iraqi people as a result of the policy of the former regime.
He is a member of the Parliament’s Economic Committee that winner Amer Iraq from Chapter VII would open doors for companies to invest in Iraq.

He said the winner told (News Agency): based on the extension of the agreement between Iraq and the United States to continue the United States protect Iraqi funds would ease the dangerous vulnerability of Iraqi funds, especially because most proceedings against Iraq from American companies.

He added: the Iraq out of Chapter VII would liberate Iraq funds and reassure companies to invest in Iraq than Iraq economically because it will contribute to the development of Iraq’s economy.

The Economist praised as beautiful as Iraq to seek his exit from Chapter VII, noting that Iraq will be able to contend with American items without American tutelage.
In a statement, “said Jamil (News Agency): the sovereignty of Iraq over all its assets in development will return after he left the seventh item lines after a request from both Iraq and Kuwait, and hoped that the Security Council will vote Friday on Iraq out of Chapter VII.

He added: that Iraq will be able to deal with international banks directly without the tutelage of Iraqi funds are protected and not exposed to any piracy and booking of the States permanent members of the Security Council, adding that Iraq would send a message to investors that they can invest in Iraq without funds to any bookings

The Economist noted: one of us banks to open branches in Baghdad, Basra, Erbil, and this is the message ttaminet to financial institutions in the world that Iraq will be the master of his property and has the right to financial relations with all States without having to trust us.

In the meantime, a member of the Economic Committee of the Kurdistan Alliance MP Ahmed Hassan Faizullah, that Iraq will be free of all restrictions imposed on it by the UN Security Council.
He said Faizullah told (News Agency) to exit Iraq from Chapter VII will liberate him from all restrictions imposed by the UN Security Council and International Development Fund and Iraq will be the master of the Act.

He added: When liberated Iraq from this item will open the door to investment companies as well as open financial relations with banks

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