Saad: the presidency of the parliament and hosts foreign and transport ministers tomorrow to discuss outstanding issues with Kuwait
Wednesday, 03 July / July 2013 13:37 | | |

Announced an MP for the Virtue Bloc Susan Saad said the Presidency of the parliament on Thursday and will host Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, Minister of Transport Hadi al-Amiri to discuss outstanding issues with Kuwait, including the Convention on the Regulation of navigation in the Khor Abdullah channel.

She explained in a press statement received by the agency {Euphrates News} copy of it on Wednesday that “hosting, which came on the claims in the presence of ministers, will discuss several things related files outstanding issues between Iraq and Kuwait, in addition to discussing the Convention on navigation through the channel of Khawr Abd Allah and its terms, in light of our reservations Articles III and VII of them. ”

The Kuwaiti side proceeded to build Mubarak Al-Kabeer port, which is located on the Khawr Abd Allah channel, which hinders maritime traffic coming into Iraq, and narrowed down to the port of Faw, which began the Iraqi government created by the professionals.

It said Saad “we are well aware that there are efforts by the government to resolve the crisis between the two countries, but it is also necessary to know the details of such endeavors and the mechanism of resolving the outstanding issues, particularly with regard demarcation unjust to the border, and the remaining debt بذمتنا of Kuwait, and the Convention on economic cooperation, and how to invest joint oil fields fairly. ”

She stressed the need to “agreements in the interest of the parties and not in the interest of one party or another, and with a real intentions to Kuwait to open a new page of relations based on respect and mutual benefit, and not exploitation and try to achieve their interests at the expense of the Iraqi interest.”

The period saw the last few years a significant improvement in الثائية relations between Iraq and Kuwait, and Iraq as well as fulfill all its obligations towards Kuwait, which called on the UN Security Council to remove Iraq from Chapter VII and announced on Thursday.

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