House of Representatives raises its to next Monday after the vote on the draft law and hosting Zebari and Ameri

House of Representatives decided to raise its meeting held today headed by Osama Najafi and the presence of 257 deputies to next Monday after the vote on the two bills and hosting foreign and transport ministers to discuss the relationship with Kuwait and out of Chapter VII.

This was followed by the Committee on Health and the Environment issued a statement at the beginning of the meeting condemned in which the terrorist operations that targeted a number of doctors in Baghdad, demanding the government and security agencies investigating the incidents urgently in order to stop the series targeting doctors, which aims to offload Iraq competencies calling for a vote on the law to protect doctors.

The Council then voted in principle to refuse to go in the legislation of the bill and the Ministry of Municipalities and Public Works, submitted by the Commission services and reconstruction.

Also voted on the draft law on ratification of the agreement establishing a joint committee for cooperation between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the Government of the State of Kuwait, submitted by the Committees on Foreign Relations and the economy, investment, health, environment, culture and information in order to strengthen ties of friendship and cooperation with the State of Kuwait and the desire of both sides to resolve the outstanding issues between the two sides committed to covenants and international resolutions relevant in order to reach a comprehensive settlement of all the belongings between the two countries, thereby helping the emergence of a new solid ground and brotherly relations.

The vote also rejected the proposed law on the first amendment to the law of the Integrity Commission No. (30) for the year 2011 submitted by the committees of integrity, legal and who comes to a decision of the Federal Supreme Court declared unconstitutional Article {4} First of the Law on the Integrity Commission No. 30 for the year 2011 and to request the amendment of Article view to the need of the organization of the work body in Alakhbarat and allegations of corruption and disclosure of financial interests.

The Council also voted on a draft law to protect doctors and submitted by the Committee on Health and the Environment in order to protect doctors and tribal attacks and claims illegal and the results of their work and encourage doctors immigrants outside Iraq to return to the homeland and give them privileges to ensure their return.

The Council also hosted both Hoshyar Zebari, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hadi al-Amiri, Minister of Transport within a general invitation to discuss the draft law on ratification of the Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the Government of the State of Kuwait on the organization of maritime navigation in the Khawr Abd Allah and out of Chapter VII item.

Zebari said the decision to get out of Chapter VII is a private historically that Iraq inherited a heavy legacy as a result of punishment for its invasion of Kuwait, where 92 reached a decision under the provisions of Chapter VII, noting that the resolutions imposed on Iraq as a state and not only on the system.

He added that the Secretary-General of the United Nations presented a report to the Security Council on June 27 last year on the obligation to compensation and maintenance of border markers and the Missing and disarmament and business remainder of the program of oil and food, which included two-track first related to disarmament and others that have been completed the issuance of the decisions of the Security Council to lift the sanctions either track the other which relates to Kuwait, the government has a number of measures will also follow up the issue of missing persons and the border and finish them would mean Iraq fulfill all its obligations under Chapter VII decisions are final.

He said the foreign minister of the former regime and agreed to the demarcation of the current limits, which was adopted by the Security Council, stressing that the government did not currently only maintenance struts border erected since 1993, and that Iraq will use the navigational channel in the Khawr Abd Allah and will participate in the management, organization and Usiantha.

For his part, the Minister of Transport to the border drawn by the United Nations under the previous regime, which was approved them.

He noted that the commitments towards Kuwait binding on us and can not get rid of them, especially as some have been in accordance with the decisions dissolved Revolutionary Command Council, which is binding unless the House of Representatives legislation of new laws, noting that the demarcation of the new boundaries of water within Iraq’s freedom of navigation and joint management in the Khawr Abd Allah.

In the House of Representatives asked interventions MP Mahmoud Othman for the fact that the statement by the Kuwaiti Minister of Information on non-fully out of Iraq from Chapter VII in addition to the issue of providing protection for Iraqi funds.

He asked Hamoudi, Deputy Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee about the existence of secret agreements or new concessions have been offered to Kuwait.

He MP Abdul Salam al-Maliki to the possibility of knowing the impact of Iraq to grant exit visas for those wishing to travel to Kuwait or to other countries.

He asked Bahaa al-Araji of the two ministers answers about the reasons for turning oil wells and farms and some military barracks to Kuwaiti sovereignty.

For its part, Rep. Susan Saad confirmed the existence of concessions that harm Iraq especially Maitalq the water navigation in the Khawr Abd Allah.

MP inquired Abdul Tahir greens for the fact that Iraq paid a big price for all the years of delay out of Chapter VII.

MP Hamid Buffy to know the number of missing Kuwaitis and if there was information about their fate.

In turn, asked Rep. high Nassif take and procedures for the Department of Transportation to link the railway with the port of Mubarak in Kuwait or possession of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to confirm Ahakikh maps Kuwait hydro corridor.

The MP Adel al-Maliki called on to clarify the benefit out from under Chapter VII if Mabakat to weigh heavily on the country’s obligations.

The MP stressed Lana Mohammed on the need to indicate the number of agreements concluded between Iraq and Kuwait and the extent of its impact on the country.

And inquired MP Fatima Hamidi on the impact of the port of Mubarak on marine navigation for Iraq and the fate of the joint oil fields.

For his part, MP Hussein al-Asadi said the benefits that have been paid as a result of UN resolutions were unfair wondering about the possibility of moving to the Foreign Ministry to approach legal entities in order to reconsider international resolutions because of the former regime did not represent the people.

It also sought clarification MP Sabah al-Saadi on the inability of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to create balance in the Security Council allows exit Iraq without losses.

MP Ahmad inquired Oraibi about the fate of Iraq’s money frozen after coming out of Chapter VII and the possibility of dropping amounts of compensation and resolving the fate of Iraqi prisoners in Kuwait.

MP Awad al-Awadi, knowing stages of the investigations on the memorandum of the oil-for-food.

In response to the interventions stressed Zebari, Minister of Foreign Affairs on the absence of any secret agreement between Iraq and Kuwait to get out of Chapter VII as the agreement represents a decision by the Security Council, noting that the Convention on the Regulation of prosecution in the Khawr Abd Allah was in favor of Iraq as well as other agreements contribute to the strengthening of relations with various countries , alluding to hold many of painstaking talks with major powers in order to get out of Chapter VII.

He explained that the world’s confidence in Iraq has increased as a country with weighty significant economic noting that the State Department made over the past ten years a great effort to overturn the previous decisions of the Security Council, noting that Iraq did not give up a single inch of Iraqi territory, where the government has implemented the agreements that were concluded by regime, stressing the lack of another way to respond to international resolutions to get out of Chapter VII.

For his part, the Minister of Transport and the absence of any agreement detrimental to the interests of Iraq, noting that the joint management of the Khawr Abd Allah the best way to ensure water navigation noting that the fixed position of the port of Mubarak being negatively affect the Iraqi ports.

Ameri said to انملك any projects to extend Railway with Kuwait, referring to the dry canal known as the railway link that connects FAO Baurba, noting that the new port of Faw will provide a naval base for the Iraqi Navy.

On the other hand announced Fadel Mohammed Jawad Legal Counsel in the Council of Ministers on the lack of Iraqi money frozen pointing out that the Iraqi funds fortified fully, pointing out that the file of compensation closed permanently since 2005 did not remain only $ 11 billion will be paid in accordance with UN Security Council Resolution .

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