Iraq Economic Commission demands CBI to Delete Zeros; Points to Chapter VII as Rationale

Posted: July 6, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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Economic parliamentary calls for the central bank need to delete the zeros

Demanded economic and investment commission parliamentary CBI, the need to delete the zeros from the currency after the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII.

And MP Khalil Mahma said in a joint conference with members of the economic and investment commission he was “on the central bank to start a restructuring currency being a purely economic issue.”

He added that “Iraq is not the only country that deletion of zeros from its currency Previously Turkey and Lebanon has succeeded the stability of the economic situation.”

He said the “Constitution between the need to change the currency and delete as required by the economic situation for people Btmnfh”.


The parliamentary economic demands the Central Bank need to delete zeros
06-07-2013 01:14 PM

Baghdad (newsletter). The Commission has called parliamentary economy and investment of the Central Bank of Iraq, the need to delete zeros from the currency, after the ground had exit Iraq from Chapter VII.

Mehma Khalil said in a joint conference with members of the Committee on economy and investment Deputy Abd al-Husayn abtan and Abdul Salam Al-Maliki: Central Bank start a currency structure as a purely economic issue, stating that the Iraqi economy is coming out of Chapter VII masaya at the economy.

He added: that Iraq is not the only country to delete zeros from its currency it was Turkey and Lebanon have succeeded in stabilizing the economic situation sometimes deleted zeros from their currency. ‘

Drew: that old and zeros deleted the objections of the Central Bank and the Government of Iraq requested that wait till an appropriate time and after she tumbled out of Chapter VII all justifications for the implementation of this project.

And: that the Iraqi Constitution between the need to change and delete the currency required by the economic situation of the country, and for the benefit of the Iraqi people, Parliament and Government to support the country’s economic identity is expected to be the next budgets increase and prosperity after the investment companies to Iraq


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