Weights passage of oil and gas law during the current legislative session

10/07/2013 12:00 AM

Acknowledged his role in organizing the process of contracting with international companies

predicted the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary reaching a political consensus helps to pass the law of oil and gas during the current legislative session, especially after the convergence great in views between the province and the center, and then revealed through the Commission The existence of the movements of the seriousness of the adoption of the law, stressed its importance in the organization contracts with international companies, and in the management of that wealth.

The oil and gas law, the main laws of contention between the province and the center, especially in regards to the type of engagements taking place, which is likely to center the contracting process in accordance with the principle of service, while supports the province sharing contracts.

decision of the oil and gas Mohammad Qasim Mchkta between that all the political blocs, has serious interest in the enactment of the oil and gas, noting that it convergence of views happened after mutual visits of political leaders between the province and the center, which culminated recently visited the region’s president Massoud Barzani to Baghdad, expecting to see the coming period to discuss the law to its importance.

said Mchkta in an interview »Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network» that there are moves by the Commission on oil and energy to speed up the enactment of this Act, which is likely to witness the coming days, good results on approval, especially with the existence of a collective agreement on the legislation law, expressing optimism about the return of signs legislation important laws to the House of Representatives.

and points of contention in this law, and if they were to reach a solution on them or not, said Mchkta that the points of contention unresolved until now, especially those related to oil wealth, including oil and gas law, and the law of the national companies, and the Revenue Code, and the law of the Federal Council for Oil and Gas Act, the federal revenues, noting that the points of disagreement on this law is limited and can be discussed and reached formats common to overcome if there were the will of serious resolve .

expressed MP hoped that include oil and gas law on the agenda of the Council, especially after reading this law more than once already, and stop the limits of Article 26, which is the most prominent stations of contention between the province and the center.

According to article 26 of the law of oil and gas The legislation passed by the federal legislative authority ستعلو on any other legislation issued by the legislative authority other and that in case of conflict, with the exception Manst in Article (54 b), which is related to Kurdistan province.

For his part, a member of the Oil and Energy Committee Furat al-Shara said Law oil and gas has eluded him any developments subjective, but there are developments objective calls to speed up the passing during this period.
said Shara in an interview »Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network» that among the developments is the rapid approval of the Act to amend the provincial councils as this law gives the and freedom for local governments in the contract or benefit from the wealth of carbonate by enormous advantage, because we are afraid in the case of oil and gas law without law provincial councils Alaztthmr the wealth this investment Okay. He called Shara House of Representatives to speed up the enactment of this law for its important role in the organization of the nature of the contracts with the companies and oil firms with the federal government and the Government of the provinces.

and MP to visit the region’s president is the quality and have raised good because it helps to absorb Aaltotr who was surrounding some of the blocks, and led to the convergence Destinations political relations between the province and the local government through the discussion of some of the laws, including the law of oil and gas, especially since this law is of great significance and come to a conclusion about it helps to absorb Aaladid of Alamtaadat.

and the dispute is between Arbil and Baghdad on 41 contracts, oil and signed by the provincial government since 2007 until now , the central government believes that any oil contract must be done with their consent, and refused Kurdistan recent draft of the oil and gas law approved by the Iraqi government and sent to the House of Representatives for approval, which is strongly opposed by the Kurdistan Regional Government.



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