Iraqi banks and the international reputation

Posted: July 10, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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10/07/2013 12:00 AM

Yasser incumbent
success of Iraqi banks to earn and gain reputation and international confidence is very important in promoting economic relations between Iraq and the world, and this success, passed by the Prime Minister in his speech at the ceremony held by the Trade Bank of Iraq on the occasion of celebrating the tenth anniversary of its foundation but involves realizing the government of the importance of banks in the development What is required of banks to maintain this international assessment and associated recognition and support of government?

this shift in vision and assess the government for what he has reached the Iraqi banks to gain confidence and international reputation invites us to see in place to deal with the crisis that has been raised recently about the central bank and some irregularities in the performance of banks, which is normal in the midst of the instructions and procedures that disrupt work Vastahedvt remarks and criticism of Angll will but must deal with the issue like the one facing the banking sector for Apple financial sector as a whole, which reflects the difference between the two policies of fiscal and monetary and impact first on the reputation gained and on economic reform programs and developmental wanted in this transitional phase In the economic sphere under advisement and objective because a touchy subject too and its effects detrimental to the Iraqi economy.

, and we have said in the foregoing that the logic confirms the importance of the assessments of the banks accurate and issued by the owners of expertise and competence, but if you want some quarters to harm the reputation of the economy, intentionally or unintentionally, by the Audunha when that will lose the country this international assessment of those reasons.

then that Msaraltaati in this problem and its implications took a new turn especially after the Central Bank has recently opened a new page with the banks, which was her reaction that supported orientations of the central bank to reduce the exchange rates of the dollar and the initiative sell for less than pricing has This resulted in something tangible where the dollar was steady at its borders reasonable and required sustain this momentum with new initiatives Aptdoha Bank of Assyria download price Namira other and hope the rest to follow suit.

restore bridges of trust these between the central bank and private banks after the outburst of the crisis will lead to a re-public confidence in banks and orientation to invest their money in banks rather than Aktnazha at home and this will lead to the mobility of investment banks can through support programs for the construction and reconstruction and expanding the basket of bank credits, including motivate all parties to benefit from this qualitative development in the relationship between the central banks on the one hand and between the public and banks from the other side .

Given this fact, what is required of banks to be in the level of trust and reputation of international and domestic alike to continue to achieve these successes, which must be acknowledged that this gleam came through the initiative of TBI TBI although not to invite the morning to as such events important closer’s and viewpoints in the nature of dealing with the event, but we recognize the initiative Trade Bank of Iraq as a reason for this important event which Aodj importance of banks.

thus permit complete the picture of the nature of dealing with the International Assessment of Iraqi banks and approving and supporting government is required to accompany this declaration stronger support for the banks to do its development and the sustainability of these confidence and Alsamahaly the international and local levels.


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