Money Iraq: Currency Notes damaged for adults and for retirees

Posted: July 10, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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04.07.2013Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 12.19.37 PMReceive Makiya Um Hussein (65 years) salary pension once every two months, like the rest of the retirees in Iraq, and cut the distance to get to the Department of retirement where she has lived in the area of ​​Safwan (40 km west of Basra) did not differ up with it one day, after that stand in the queue Long often receive hers in small currency.

Makiya says “being our rating to the first two categories of class, who pay a bribe or gratuity to an accountant salaries فيدفع clean the large category, the second of not paying and those paid in the currency of small and mostly damaged or torn No one received by us.”

She adds, “I wish it stops at this limit, فالمحاسبون the يستقطعون amounts of up to three thousand dinars from the salaries of retirees and political prisoners and martyrs, widows and divorced women without reason, and demanding his salary fully يعاقبونه the Order has a small currency damaged.”

Most of the women and men of the older and difficult for them to scramble in long lines, so they are forced to compromise on this margin in exchange for receiving their salaries least damage.

The same happens with the offices of the smart card, where they are deducting more than five thousand dinars of the amount of pension which is more than the limit of the decision officially.

Joseph wholesome works صرافا in market publican and besides knew Bhzgah in repairing damaged paper money where accumulate a large amount of categories shattered cash or المتهرئة.

Says to “talk” while he is busy fixes some money, “I will fix the damaged Banknotes groups small and sometimes larger groups, while I grant foreign currency as a percent paper dollars special attention.”

Nafie using transparent sticker currency reform, there is no other way.

He adds “attaching the dollar requires cutting sticker in a very precise way so as not to look as currency collage, also introduce heat-adhesive so that it becomes part of the paper currency, but local currencies Vaslahaa the faster and easier.”

Not a monopoly Changers repair damaged currency, there are many of housewives spend some time in the money stick shattered.

Rabab Hussein says an employee “Tired of using the sticker and nail polish to fix the money, we find it difficult to deal with and sellers refuse to receive it, but we do not suffer from damage, but also money from dirty Qmartha and color.”

Lack of quality paper currency is the other causes rapid damage after 2003, and then carried the symbols of a promising new era of promise is that the damage hit quickly.

Hamid says rich Manager Investment Bank of Iraq in Basra, “after 2003 was issued a new currency printed English in company specializing currency and stamps, pumping two types of currency paper and metal and then disappeared coin of small-day trades has not issued editions of the paper a new compensation for the damaged ones.”

He adds, “There are banking offices agree with some of Trustees of the Fund in banks and some departments of banks currency to replace the small versus large ones where specific amounts being deposited amount of money in the balance of the owner of the bank and withdraw Office rather than the amount of the big currency.”

The central bank pumped in Basra five million dinars small coin in different dates for domestic banks by more than 15 banks in Basra, while Raj replace the damaged small currencies especially the cashiers versus eight thousand dinars per million.

Ahmad Nofal employee brought two bags with great class dinar and a quarter dinar to a cashiers and say “receive small groups in our salaries and become a burden on us because a lot of damage, so we replaced the categories of the largest in exchange for the price, we are paying from our pockets tax damaged.”

Says teller hands Badr crowing “The customers have balances in government banks return the money to the banks in agreement with the Trustees of the Fund or accountants and replace currencies categories of ten thousand and twenty five thousand, while returning currency damaged trading after pumping banks in salaries.”

The surprising lack of crowing pumping new currency and says “We hear every year that the central bank will replace the old currency with new ones, but none of this happens.


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