MPs are calling for the enactment of the oil and gas law to reduce the gap between the center and the region

Posted: July 10, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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Called for a number of members of the Iraqi Council of Representatives to the enactment of the oil and gas to eliminate internal crises between the region and the center and the development of the geographical boundaries of all the provinces and regions of oil-producing member of the Oil and Energy Committee MP Furat Mohsen al-Shara said during his speech for the (citizen) that «the absence of oil and gas law will negatively impact all the merits of political and economic relations between the province and the center.

»Shara said« that there is no law in the oil sector will make it difficult dealing with foreign companies and oil firms, adding »that the deal between the center and the region made ​​it difficult to reach an agreement for the lack of clarity and transparency, but evidence to darkness in trading oil firms and at the same time adversely affect fiscal policy. He said «the oil sector desperately need to approve the law so as to several things Astthmaaro politics attic ‘. By Hamza oil expert jeweler popcorn during the modern (the citizen) that «the law of oil and gas project is important and vital to resolve the crisis of internal conflicts between the region and the center ‘.

The jeweler told (citizen) to delay adoption of the law will contribute to an increase of internal crises that the law puts points on the characters and distributes power to the provinces and the oil-producing regions and puts the border each province and corrects erroneous tracks’. He stressed that the lack of legislation that oil and gas law by the Parliament of Iraq would negatively affect the economic and political process in Iraq ‘. He continued to say «that the legislation of laws on matters of the oil industry will solve a large part of the internal crisis between the KRG and the central government, calling the legislative authority of the House of Representatives to speed up the oil to pass laws to eliminate the internal crises’.

On the other hand stressed member of the Economic Commission MP Amer Al-Fayez during the recent (citizen) .. All internal differences between the region and the center caused by the lack of legislation of laws pertaining to the oil sector, which set the limits according to official articles of the constitution of each oil-producing province «.
Al-Fayez said in a statement (citizen) «The delay passage of laws oil in the House of Representatives will give negative impressions about the members of the House of Representatives and the Committee on oil and energy responsible for studying petroleum laws and find ways to be passed by the House of Representatives’. Fayez felt solve all internal differences dependent on oil legislation of laws oil and gas law and the law of the establishment of the national oil company.

And was a member of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary Susan Saad on the mass of the Virtue parliamentary elections, has said that the delay in the enactment of the oil and gas reason for delay legislation four draft laws are important and added Saad in a statement: Federal Oil Ministry is working without prescribed for her law regulating its work and that the draft law on oil Gas great importance but at the same time has become a subject of controversy between the political blocs, especially after the delayed approval of nearly five years as a result of the lack of political consensus on it.


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