Zebari discuss with the Political and Security Committee of the European Union developments in Iraq and the region

Posted: July 10, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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Wednesday 07/10/2013

And met with Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari in the headquarters of the European Council in Brussels on Tuesday, the Political and Security Committee in the European Union.

A statement issued by the Foreign Ministry received (fraternity) a copy of it, said Foreign Minister made a presentation to the wheel developments in Iraq and the political situation and the ongoing changes in the region and Iraq’s position on these transformations. “

The statement said that “all ambassadors accredited to the European Union and the 28 ambassadors and representatives attended the meeting.”

The statement added that “During the meeting, an interactive dialogue in which Zebari replied to inquiries made by the ambassadors on the political, security, economic, regional and human rights situation.”

The statement noted that “the Political and Security Committee is drafting Committee decisions and positions taken by the European Union on matters of international peace and security.”

On the other hand Zebari discussed with his Belgian counterpart Didier ريندرز, at the headquarters of the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs of evolving relations between the two countries in the light of the Memorandum of Understanding on political dialogue signed between the Foreign Ministries of both countries.

The Foreign Ministry statement said the meeting also saw discuss regional developments and political changes in the region and to clarify Iraq’s position on them.



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