Economist Opinion: Timing Not Appropriate for Zeros Project; Early Next Year is When

Posted: July 12, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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Baghdad (newsletter). Economic expert Ghazi al-kinani, the deletion of zeros is vital but the timing was not appropriate.

He said Al-kinani (News Agency): the project delete zeros now not appropriate for security reasons and in addition to political vulnerability to currency counterfeiting.

He added: the process of deleting zeros will have a bad psychological effect on people with tremendous difficulty coping with the new currency will have a million dinars dinar only in the process of debt repayment.

And: that despite him only he failed to do so far, adding that the deletion of zeros need to bramgat and wizards and economic and educational seminars.

He continued that the parliamentarians have no adequate study of this complex project must include studies about its advantages and disadvantages and political dimensions.

The parliamentary Economic Committee outweighed the implementation date of the project to delete the three zeros from the currency when early next year


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