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Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 11.41.48 AM70,000 jobs by 2014

13/7/13, 12: 00 am

At the Finance Committee in the House of the number of jobs to be allocated in the budget for 2014 by 70 thousand degrees after adding 30,000 more, according to parliamentary sources for “News Center for Iraqi media network”.

Committee member Hassan aozmn Al-Bayati: “budget next year will be a priority to install contracts, while there will be degrees of functional critical needs.” (more…)

12:31 07/13/2013
Economic parliamentary: the process of deleting zeros of ستربك currency state budget

counting a member of the parliamentary economic committee Hussein the process of deletion of zeros from the Iraqi currency as the state budget.

said in a press statement that “the urgency on the subject of deletion of zeros from the currency will lead to a major embarrassment for the government.”

He continued, “We as members of the parliamentary economic committee advised the central bank to wait and lack of urgency and to clarify the dimensions of this issue to the Parliament as well as to the government.” (more…)

World trade bankThe World Bank said in its latest report this week that Iraq moved to the upper-middle-income countries, according to the latest classification based on the estimates of per capita gross national income (GNI) in the previous year.

And adopt the World Bank classifications of income by per capita gross national income (GNI) as follows:

Low-income countries: $ 1,035 or less.

Middle-income countries: from $ 1,036 to $ 4,085.

Upper-middle-income countries: $ 4,086 to $ 12.615.

High-income countries: $ 12,616 or more. (more…)

13-07-2013 01:41 PM

Baghdad (newsletter). The Economist called Majid mock, to examine the proposal to Institute economic reform, the judge reduced the u.s. dollar to stabilize the Iraqi dinar fine before.

Mock said (News Agency): the process of reducing the dollar stands in front of a lot of economic and financial factors, as well as the purchasing power of the dinar against other currencies, indicating that this proposal should be taught in an integrated manner before adoption. (more…)

Iraqi Ministry of Trade and Iraq’s Union for Chambers of Commerce Predict that the market will witness in the upcoming few months a qualitative trade movement after Chapter Seven sanctions imposed on Iraq were lifted. Iraq is expected to regain its normal position and its wide-spectrum international transactions; (more…)

At a time when the Iraqi Prime Minister, Nuri Al Maliki, announces that an Iraqi’s share of the national income has increased from 4 million Dinars in 2009 to 6 million Dinars last year; the Ministry of Planning confirmed that nearly one fifth of the Iraqis live below poverty line. Prime Minister Al Maliki considered that the 5-year plan for 2010 – 2014 was a great success; however a Parliamentary Economic Commission member and other economic experts questioned the accuracy of the numbers given by Al Maliki.