Kurdish Deputy: Political parties show seriousness in passing draft of oil and gas law

Posted: July 14, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics

Deputy for the Kurdistan Alliance that there is a serious by the political parties to vote on the law of oil and gas.

The oil and gas law of controversial laws that could not the House of Representatives passed long ago Ntgah big disagreement between the political blocs.

The MP said Hassan Jihad told {Euphrates News} on Sunday that “there have been attempts to hold meetings in order to create the oil and gas law for a vote,” noting that “the Minister of natural resources and wealth in the Kurdistan Regional Government pointed out that the approval of oil and gas will solve the problems between Baghdad and the region . “

The different governments of the center and the Kurdistan region on oil and imports in the northern provinces, where demands Baghdad that the agreements with foreign companies and local communities on exploration Baalmha and send the province the money arising from the issue of export to the center, as long as the province receives its budget, amounting to 17% of Baghdad, while requiring the province to pay The central government entitlements oil companies operating in it to send the money.

Jihad said that “all parties Avenue in approving the law, which can not remain the case in oil country where there is no law of oil and gas.”



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