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oooParliament called on the Commission, on Monday, to accelerate implementation of the project “zero” domestic process, indicating that the current currency “unworthy” Iraq’s economic and investment, while expert opinion requires the security situation and politically stable and the banking system “a thorough and impartial”, he stressed that “more convenient” than before to delete zeros from the currency.

Opinion of Abtan: Iraq crisis not money but how to manage it
And the parliamentary Economic Committee member, Abdul Hussein abtan, a (range), that “the economy is now in an advanced position and good because big oil supplier who arrived almost three million barrels a day,” and suggests that “the CBI recently announced that ne e reached 76 billion dollars, a very large sum.” (more…)

15-07-2013 10:51 AM

Baghdad (newsletter). Economist Abbas ruled out an overwhelming majority, a decline in inflation last month, indicating that the data does not perceive the real indicators as much as what is speculative.

He said an overwhelming majority (News Agency): the decimal salary decreases the quality standards is not only inflation indicators are as real as what is considered speculative and discretionary. (more…)

Revealed an official source at the Oil Ministry, on Monday, that Iraq is in the process of the formation of special committees to determine joint oil wells with Kuwait and will be concluded to the two sides cooperated in the development of these wells under a special agreement between the two countries so as to ensure the interest of both parties may be international supervision.

The source, who preferred not to be named, in an exclusive interview with “Awan”, that “this is the first step toward solving one of the problems inherited from the previous regime and the relationship between the two countries.” (more…)