Economist: inflation in the country is rising because of the fluctuating dinar exchange rate

Posted: July 15, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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15-07-2013 10:51 AM

Baghdad (newsletter). Economist Abbas ruled out an overwhelming majority, a decline in inflation last month, indicating that the data does not perceive the real indicators as much as what is speculative.

He said an overwhelming majority (News Agency): the decimal salary decreases the quality standards is not only inflation indicators are as real as what is considered speculative and discretionary.

He added that inflation continues to rise due to the difference between the dinar exchange rate and the other towards hard currency as well as incorrect and dysfunctional policies in the management of the Central Bank, as well as the rise in the price system adversely affects inflation adopted by the Ministry of planning.

Anticipating an overwhelming majority: inflation rates to rise in the coming months, adding that the ratios are not true.
The Ministry of planning and development cooperation announced a decrease in the inflation index for the month of June at a rate of 1% and an annual rise of 2%.


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