Iraq is preparing to form committee to identify common oil wells with Kuwait

Posted: July 15, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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Revealed an official source at the Oil Ministry, on Monday, that Iraq is in the process of the formation of special committees to determine joint oil wells with Kuwait and will be concluded to the two sides cooperated in the development of these wells under a special agreement between the two countries so as to ensure the interest of both parties may be international supervision.

The source, who preferred not to be named, in an exclusive interview with “Awan”, that “this is the first step toward solving one of the problems inherited from the previous regime and the relationship between the two countries.”

And that “Iraq is seeking to lay hands on the southern fields, including Rumaila field, which is the second largest oil field reserves in the world after Saudi Arabia’s Ghawar field.”

At a time in which it is heading Iraq and Kuwait to expand the horizon of economic and trade cooperation since the episode began joint diplomatic understandings and out of Iraq from Chapter VII, the two sides seek to end the outstanding issues between the two neighbors.

The source pointed out that “the ministry is based on the draft law on ratification of the Agreement on the Establishment of a joint Iraqi-Kuwaiti Committee recently passed by the House of Representatives, regarding the settlement of outstanding issues between the two countries, including joint oil fields.”

The Iraqi Drilling Company and the Southern Oil Company NAFTA beyond Kuwait to Iraqi fields, in what she said last said: wells that were within Iraqi territory has become within the territory of the Kuwaiti side after the UN Security Council Resolution No. 833 of 1993 Judge demarcation of the border between the two countries, a length of about 216 km , noting that he “has not been proven yet to get any excesses on the Iraqi wells drilling oblique manner,” asserting that in the case have been discovered for any transgression will be responsible for the prosecution by the Iraqi side.

The accusations leveled at Kuwait override the oil wells southern Iraq, and launched the local government in Basra warnings ruled the loss of Iraq’s vast amounts of oil due to the continuation of Kuwait drilling oil wells near the border with Iraq using the method of drilling oblique, supported the accusations of some members of the House of Representatives.


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