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447801Called deputies Economic Commission, yesterday, to accelerate the implementation of the project “reset” the process of local مبينين that current currency “not worthy” status of Iraq’s economic and investment in it, while the view of an expert that would require security situation and a stable political and banking system accurate and honest, confirmed last that moment, “more appropriate” than it was before the deletion of zeros from the currency.

Abtan: the country does not suffer from the crisis money and says a member of the Economic Commission representative, Abdul-Hussein Abtan, in an interview to (range Press), “The Iraqi economy has become today in advanced position and good because supplier of oil big, which reached nearly three million barrels per day, “and suggests that” the Iraqi Central Bank recently announced that reserves reached $ 76 billion, a very significant amount. ”



Project to delete the zeros disabled political will!!

15/07/2013 20:00:21
Special sources confirmed prominent political and close to the central bank, on Monday, the existence of political parties working to disrupt important projects, especially the proposal to delete the zeros from the Iraqi currency., (more…)

16-07-2013 11:32 AM

Baghdad (newsletter). Economist predicted Majid mock, high rates of inflation in the country over the coming months, urging the Government to pursue real economic development in the country.

Mock said (News Agency): there are obvious reasons may lead to rising inflation because of the fluctuation in the price of gold, oil and the dollar exchange rate, and this will lead to KULLA rise in price leads to higher inflation in the future. (more…)

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Baghdad (AIN) –The Economy and Investment Parliamentary Committee demanded the Central Bank of Iraq to maintain the price of the Iraqi dinar in exchange of foreign currencies.

The Secretary of the Committee, Mahma Khalil, told AIN ”The CBI is obliged to preserve the price of the IQD in return of foreign currencies since the currency of the State represents its economic identity at the political arena.” (more…)

16-07-2013 10:33 AM

Baghdad (newsletter). Member of the Finance Committee, Deputy Secretary of the National Alliance, the approval of the Act to exempt local and foreign companies from taxes and customs fees to encourage companies to invest in Iraq.

He said Hadi (News Agency): that exempt law will contribute to attracting foreign companies, adding that the world has been given an opportunity to investors from five to ten years to recover their investment and then pay the taxes. (more…)