Politics disrupting the Zeros Project from being implemented; Although good for economy and the citizen

Posted: July 16, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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Project to delete the zeros disabled political will!!

15/07/2013 20:00:21
Special sources confirmed prominent political and close to the central bank, on Monday, the existence of political parties working to disrupt important projects, especially the proposal to delete the zeros from the Iraqi currency.,

The sources said, on Monday, for »the future of Iraq» that «the project to delete the zeros still faces a rejection of politicians officials beneficiaries of destruction of the Iraqi economy, especially since the project will eliminate the quantum counterfeiter of currency exchanged by those in the lid of a bank is unknown and is Exposed ».,

the sources said« This proposal would also reduce the rates of inflation in the market and obstruction of stock traders who monopolize the market according to political support large causing them considerable material losses during a period of not less than 4 months at best.



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