Finance Committee in the Iraqi parliament, declares near the final formulations for Parliament’s budget for the year

Announced the Finance Committee in the Iraqi parliament, closely put formulations final budget of Parliament for the next year 2014, stressing that the amount will be reduced from 492 billion to between 410 and 420 billion Iraqi dinars, after deleting some paragraphs unnecessary, while Ezzat magnitude to the construction of a building especially for Council and housing for members, as well as the expected increase in the number of members to the next session.

A member of the Finance Committee Hassan al-Bayati, if there is exaggeration in some fields of balancing the House of Representatives between that claim the Presidency to purchase 25 armored car of $ 3 billion and 500 million dinars, the Commission seeks to repeal, noting that the investment budget to parliament this year a very large because of 186 billion out of allocations amounting to 412 billion dinars, having been reduced by 20%.


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