Iraq’s participation in the Arab Banking Summit will support the banking system, says Finance Committee Vice Chairman

Posted: July 24, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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Vice-Chairman of the Finance Committee MP Ahmed Faizullah, Most likely enhancing the contribution of local banks with the investment in the Arab and developing the economy of the country after Iraq’s participation in the Arab Banking Summit after a long absence for two decades.

Faizullah said in a press statement that the participation of Iraq in the Arab Banking Summit after missing them twenty years ago will return Iraq to the regional surroundings and take an important role, especially in the banking field.

“He’s such a conferences and summits Arab enhance the evolution of the Iraqi banking system because it will make a joint work between local banks and the Arab and perhaps pay of Arab Banks discreet to open branches in Iraq to contribute to the promotion of the investment process and economic development of the country”


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