Economic Committee Member: Economic reforms starts with shift to free economy

Posted: July 25, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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Parliament: the reform depends on the shift towards a free economy

25/07/2013 12:00 AM

said a member of the Committee on Economy and Investment parliamentary Salman al-Musawi: that economic development in Iraq can not be reached only through the transformation of the economy’s dictatorship to a free economy, pointing out that this issue is complex and not simple and requires concerted efforts despite the fact that the Constitution guarantees this transformation .

said in his speech for the “morning” in order to promote the economic reality should provide conditions are interdependent on her head, determine the strategic general economic transformation and policies used it as a policy investment, human development, production goods and services, financial aspects, monetary, customs, competition and prevent monopoly, management integrity, social responsibility and others.

infrastructure and pointed Moussawi said there also مانسميه infrastructure for economic activity as one of the most important requirements of economic development in the country, pointing out that they need to have a capital market efficient and effective with joint-stock companies an effective and successful and the system of banking and insurance market with excellent contexts work sophisticated as well as the need for a management system efficiently and effectively based on modern technologies in the management and information systems, pointing out that it is difficult to make progress tangible economic unless it is to change the administrative system prevalent in government departments and institutions.

legal system and stressed the importance of finding a legal system that includes all legislation and regulations economic combines the current legislation scattered in one group after trimmed and make adjustments required by, as well as finding a security system developed can provide security and protection for economic projects and people and property. welfare and stressed Moussawi said the improved economic activity leads therefore to improve the level of welfare of the Iraqi individual and it requires a concept of good governance down to economic progress, pointing out that the economic and investment commission is seeking to develop the Iraqi economy by contributing to the preparation of action plans and the provision of supplies as well as prepare a plan for the development of the capital market of Iraq and make it able to accommodate future changes in the Iraqi economy as well as the completion of the plan concerning the development of the administrative system year in administrative government.

Moussawi concludes his speech that the economic problem in Iraq, despite the efforts of various stakeholders to develop the economic reality but the results are regrettably limited.


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