Finance Committee Member: 2014 budget to arrive early this year for house decision (September)

Posted: July 30, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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“Financial” parliamentary budget anticipates the arrival of 2014 at an early date .. And demanding to participate in the preparation

Posted on Monday, July 29 / July 2013 14:05

I expected a member of the parliamentary Finance Committee, on Monday, the arrival of the draft federal budget for the year 2014 at an early date, compared to previous years, demanding the participation of the House of Representatives in their preparation.

Said committee member Najiba Najib, in a statement, “Awan”, that “the budget must be sent to the House of Representatives in next September, according to the system used,” excluded “The arrival of the draft budget to the House of Representatives in September,” but predicted “sent later early compared to previous years. ”

“We are in the Finance Committee Parliamentary we send out books to the Ministry of Finance stresses the need to have the House of Representatives say in the budget next year, and participate in the preparation, especially on the subject of parliamentary committees (such as health, education and higher education), because we face every year a lot of pressure from committees and the relevant ministries, about the adoption of some laws, or approved, “calling on the government to” that there will be an exchange and partnership between the committees and the ministries concerned to reach a final version of the budget, which facilitates the process of ratification. ”

She Najib, a deputy from the Kurdistan Alliance, that “the federal budget bill did not reach the House of Representatives until now, we did not receive anything official from the government on this subject,” indicating that “the government is now at the stage of preparation of the draft budget.”

With regard to the issue of determining the region’s share of the budget, drew a member of the Finance Committee that “the share of the Kurdistan region in the federal budget amounting to 17 per cent, and this share must be kept until a census, and this is stipulated by the Constitution and laws,” afterthought that “all political blocs agreed to that the share of the region remain as it is until the census, and in accordance with the region’s share is calculated. ”

The total budget for fiscal year 2013, (138) trillion dinars, by the inability of some 18 trillion dinars, based on the price per barrel of oil of $ 90, the export of 2 million and 900 thousand barrels per day.


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