Maliki: the next session will solve some ministries

Posted: July 31, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics

03:59:31 / 07/2013

Khandan – Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, “that local governments are the Governments of service, administration and we want to build a state and preserve its unity and not eighteen state,” stressing “the end of the electoral competition and the start page of cooperation and shared commitment.”

He said al-Maliki presided over today’s meeting of the coordination with the provinces is associated with the province, according to a statement posted on his official website, that “more needs of citizens are the services and must cooperate to serve the people without any discrimination on the basis of identity, because the responsibility of the governor towards the citizens are equal and they all trust in your necks.”

He congratulated the Prime Minister, the neo-conservatives, saying: “The choice conservatives is Thmelcm responsibility, which is assigned more than honor and his successor, Accounting and success or failure, and we will be with you to provide support and assistance to strengthen the work of local governments, according to the law,” stressing “the need to adhere powers defined by the Constitution and law and leave the sovereign issues of the federal government and abide by the terms of reference even to اتتعرض and the unity of the country for vibration. ”

Maliki expressed “concern for the stability of the local governments as a result of the electoral system which is part win for small blocks and start movements and shifts may cause the arrest of work,” calling to “overcome and focus on services.”

Maliki said that “provincial law granted broad powers and must be prepared to assume responsibility in the area of ​​contracts and import ration card, which will be converted to the provinces a responsibility that is not easy, and the next session will solve some ministries such as education, municipalities, health, labor and social affairs, and wondered sovereignty Can you afford this responsibility, saying: I invite you to hire advisers of the owners of expertise and experience, not from relatives because they Sev_loncm.

Maliki also called for “directing the effort for hundreds of projects lagging in the provinces and deliverables to be provided by the services,” warning “of providing large sums in the first installment of Finance for contractors because experience has shown that some of them are not committed.”

And the project (petro), which includes granting the provinces producing and exporting oil amounting to 5% of each barrel, Maliki said that “the province of Basra have financial abundance large of this project amount (three billion dollars), and you should take advantage of them to improve services otherwise would be a setback if it does not is being invested in the implementation of projects that serve the citizen “, pointing out that” the proposed law to deduct the cost of the damage to the non-affected provinces in the next budget to reduce disparities and deprivation among the provinces. ”


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