Muhammadawi: Most prison escapees have been captured

Posted: August 1, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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08/01/2013 08:39

The Secretary-General of the coalition of the Sons of Iraq fervent Sheikh Abbas Muhammadawi, said on Thursday that “most of the criminals escaped from the prison of Abu Ghraib had been arrested by the security services, and still some of them are hiding in different parts of Baghdad and its outskirts.”

He said in a press statement received by the agency “WAM” a copy of it, that “most criminals escaped from Abu Ghraib prison are now in the grip of justice, only a few of them have fled to Syria and others are still hiding in different parts of Baghdad and its outskirts will soon be in the grip of justice as well.”

He said the government and the security establishment deal firmly with these fugitives who mostly been convicted of crimes of terrorism against civilians at the instigation of some neighboring countries such as Turkey and Saudi Arabia “, calling for” the implementation of the death penalty who have been sentenced to death


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