Economic and Financial Committees Agree Tariff Act Needs Amended

Posted: August 2, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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12:17 08/01/2013

Rejection of a member of the Committee on the economy and investment MP Ibrahim stirrup, migrate the Tariff Act to the next parliamentary session, stressing that the amendment, which received a law is agreed upon by the financial and economic committees.

Rikabi said in a press statement that “the application of the Tariff Act is an urgent need to support the Iraqi economy, he will contribute to the fight against financial and administrative corruption in the process of passing the goods through the border crossing points, on the condition that operates according to a sophisticated electronic system.

He pointed out: that the amendment, which was the law is agreed upon by the two financial and economic النيابيتين, because he came out of the Finance Committee without the knowledge of the Committee on the economy and their discussion about the most important paragraphs that have been modified.

He added: It can not go around the law to the next parliamentary session, because the deadline امهلها House of Representatives for the customs have ended to create a suitable ground for the application of the law, noting that the application needs to be an electronic system developed to be controlled through the border crossings


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