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Monday 05/08/2013

Mahma Khalil Alsnjara: Vice-President of the Economic Commission project to delete the zeros and economic feasibility of the regional climate has become suitable for launch

MP for Kurdish bloc Mahma Khalil Alsnjara Vice-Chairman of the Committee

Economic development in the House of Representatives by the Iraqi government to activate the decision to delete three zeros from the Iraqi currency . (more…)

This article includes adequate answer a question for as long as researchers, planners and economists, to the effect that Iraq is eligible to join the World Trade Organization (WTO)??

Then she shed light on the most prominent advantages of accession, and warns that failure to join would affect the work force Iraqi expatriate estimated at one million and a half million employees in all parts of the world and the potential lack of protection heads of Iraqi funds expatriate and exposure to potential narrow your chances of legal defense of their rights, due to its importance the need arises published (more…)

Specialist: body dealing with non-positive step for banks
05-08-2013 10:33 AM

Baghdad (newsletter). Competent in Economic Affairs ruled out Dergham Mohamed Ali, an independent body of banks, adding that the Central Bank is the sponsor of the banks that are open to the general lines of the banks. (more…)

Monday, 05 August 2013 11:17

The US embassy in Baghdad and its Consulates in the Iraqi provinces resumed its activities on Monday after it was suspended on last Sunday for security concerns.

The US embassies and Consulates were closed on last Sunday in each of Iraq, KSA, UAE, Libya, Algeria, Jordon, Egypt, Bangladesh, Qatar, Afghanistan, Sudan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Mauritania, Yemen and Djibouti. (more…)

BAGHDAD / News: announced that the United Nations Mission in Iraq (UNAMI), on Sunday, it does not intend to close its office in Baghdad, similar to the U.S. embassy, ​​saying that the work will remain constant, while promised to shut down Washington its embassy “Tdabira and the temporary.” (more…)

Economist expects capital flight from Iraq in the coming months

BAGHDAD / News: detecting an economist Majid picture, on Saturday, the possibility of capital flight Iraq and Alajnah from the country during the next few months because of the unstable security situation, calling on the government to speed up reassure local and foreign investors to operate in Iraq. (more…)