Finance Deputy: No indication investors are fleeing Iraq; Economy strong, Dinar improving

Posted: August 6, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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The Deputy excludes domestic capital flight abroad because of the deteriorating security situation in the country

06-08-2013 01:20 PM

Baghdad (newsletter). Member of the Finance Committee ruled out MP//Secretary Hadi, domestic capital flight abroad and foreign companies ‘ reluctance to invest due to the deteriorating security situation in the country, stressing the desire of many companies to enter the Iraqi environment for business and investment.

He said Hadi (News Agency): that Iraq is not the only country in the world when security violations but there are many countries where violence and experiencing terrorist attacks, noting that the security situation in Iraq controlled by the security services so lamkhaov on the Iraqi economy and the effects of these conditions.

He said: there are no current indications show that the security situation had an impact on the economy of the country as well as to enterprises, on the contrary there are positive indicators in the promotion of economic development and improvement of the dinar against the dollar.

He added: the owners of big money heads prefer to work within the country because of the guarantees and concessions is too high for local investors, foreign investment also will not be affected by the security situation, the influx of major international companies to contract with Iraq in the fields of energy and oil.

Confirmed: there is a strong desire by companies to enter Iraq for the purpose of work and investment that the country enjoys a lush and large investment environment, likely provide the investment process and the growth of the economy during the next period


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