MP: Maliki will not be allowed to extend presidential term or given the opportunity to take over again.

Posted: August 6, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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The leader of the coalition are united MP Ahmed al-Alwani: said: “As long as invitations and launched initiatives for calm and dialogue and we and Manzal support these calls, but the initiative Alkhozai lacks credibility and goodwill and not with serious implications.” Adding that “the timing of this initiative comes to try to absorb the anger of the masses outs and disaffected from the government ..

as it is I take the contents of a new can be agreed more than they put up earlier in the initiatives did not see the light deliberately by the leaders of the National Alliance, such as the national meeting,” adding that he “did not is there are large areas between the political parties to exploit them to achieve some harmony or reconciliation result التماطل and marketing in dealing with the political issues thorny and failure to achieve any tangible results from previous commitments.

“This was the Liberal block of the Sadrist movement announced that it is facing real problems within the National Alliance as a result of inability to take a bold decision to address the political tension and deterioration of security that plagues the country


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