Wall Street Journal: Iraq ranks 9th among countries with the most natural resources in the world

Posted: August 6, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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Published on Sunday, 04 August / August 2013 14:13

U.S. newspaper classified, Sunday, Iraq ranked ninth among the most countries of natural resources in the world, and pointed out that those resources of about 15.9 trillion dollars of oil and gas and phosphate.

According to a report published in the “Wall Street Journal” American, on Sunday, followed the “forever”, that Iraq is in ninth place among the most states of the natural resources in the world. He added that “those resources of about 15.9 trillion dollars of oil and gas and phosphate.”

The report, “it was calculating the value of natural resources on the basis of the natural resource commodities ten most valuable, namely oil, gas, coal, forestry and timber, gold, silver, copper, uranium, iron ore and phosphate.

Paper says الامركية the “This rating comes at a time when national development plans in Iraq, stumbled and clear, resulting in high rates of unemployment, and the decline of public services and deteriorating infrastructure.”

The paper quotes a spokesman of the Ministry of Planning عبدالزهرة Hindawi, saying that “Iraq is seeking to increase exports to the wealth of the nature of the oil and gas, natural and toward urged the pace for the development of sectors of national development,” he said in an interview with Radio Free Iraq that the “Five-Year Plan 2013-2017 will take it upon themselves to develop Some of the vital sectors to be a suitable substitute for oil in the coming years. ”

It shows a member of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary Furat al-Shara, as transmitted by the U.S. newspaper, that “multi-level political differences hinder day of Operation Iraqi invest resources to achieve the Renaissance and the welfare of his people.”

The report shows that the natural resource experts stressed that “the Iraqi environment rich environments teeming with riches, but the bet remains on how to invest this wealth look Off fortunes in some cases.”

And environmental expert says Hadi Nasser, according to “The Wall Street Journal,” “The report omitted a lot of other resources in Iraq, such as red mercury in southern Iraq, which is considered a rare and unique at the same time.”

It is worth mentioning that the report class Russia first prize worth an estimated 75.7 trillion dollars thanks to multiple resources, especially oil and gas, forestry, while the United States came in second place with 45.55 trillion.



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