Iraq economically declining due to corruption, despite owning 26% of the globes total energy

Posted: August 11, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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Baghdad / File News: experts believe that the classification of Iraq ranked 92 globally in the economy according to statistics institute Igtom British due to the lack of solutions to the problems of projects lagging, while stressing a member of the Economic Commission that corruption is behind this decline, despite Iraq’s possession of 26% of the total global energy .

Showed statistics from the Institute for Igtom British, and seen by the “File News”, “Iraq solution ranked 92 globally in the economy, as was ranked 125 in business opportunities, as the ability to start a business in Iraq does not exceed 56%.”

Statistics indicated that “government efforts to tackle poverty is estimated at 26%, compared to the volume of foreign investments is estimated at 5.9%.”

He predicted an economist worn out greeting structures, due to the diagnosis of mistakes without leaving any solutions, while stressing that the accumulation of problems lagging projects stalled and laws will be of impossibility resolved in record time.

The expert said Ahmed al-Husseini said in an interview to the “View News”, “survival of the House of Representatives and the government in the diagnosis of errors and bugs in important projects in the country, in particular the service without Etienne by her cause Pthalk structures greeting day after day,” stressing that “the accumulation of problems these projects will be of impossibility resolved in record time, despite the need for the country to development and reconstruction. ”

He explained: “The House of Representatives committees, economic, and financial services disorder diagnosed in projects and laws and they identify with precision, but without going out by”.

The expert added that “these committees often blames the political and security situation, and of course you can not ignore those files, but does not prevent from asking solutions possible taking and implemented on the ground, especially with service projects, which has become a burden on the Iraqi people.”

For his part, member of the Economic Commission MP Mahma Khalil told “View News”, “This decline is due to the prevalence of corruption in state institutions,” adding that “state funds do not go into the fields of economy, but go into the pocket whales corruption.”

He explained: “The Iraqi Statistics, proved that the financial and administrative corruption is prevalent in all the institutions of the state, and we see there is a steady decline in economic growth, despite Iraq’s possession of 26% of the total global energy.”

He said Khalil: “Iraq is in addition to the energy possessed wealth of human, agricultural and religious tourism, assisted on the economic recovery in the event of eradicating corruption,” calling “the government and parliament, clerics and intellectuals to to fight this phenomenon to develop and build this country.”

The budget for Iraq in 2013 amounting to 138 trillion dinars (equivalent to 118.6 billion U.S. dollars).


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