Energy Committee: the need to urge private sector companies to set up oil refineries in Iraq

Posted: August 12, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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called a member of the Commission on oil and energy MP Bayazid Hassan, the government need to encourage private sector companies to set up a giant oil refineries in the country to meet the local need of fuel and activating the role of the private sector.

Hassan said in a press statement that “Iraq is still importing petroleum products from abroad because of the lack of available oil refineries in the country, so you must activate the role of investment and urged the Iraqi private sector companies to set up oil refineries in the country.

“The Iraqi private sector so far did not take real role in building the Iraqi economy, despite the fact that the Iraqi Constitution recommended that the interest in him, pointing out that the law of private investment in the oil filter, which seeks House approval and will contribute significantly to support the Iraqi private sector


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