Member of Finance Committee: National economy will grow in the coming period and the security situation doesn’t affect the work of companies in the country

Posted: August 16, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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16-08-2013 11:47 AM
Baghdad (newsletter). Member of the Finance Committee ruled out MP//Secretary Hadi, the security situation on the work of foreign companies operating in Iraq, likely improved national economy and increase its growth in the coming period.

He said Hadi (News Agency): despite the security breaches that occur now and then in the country, it did not affect the work of foreign companies, there are a lot of companies work and conclude contracts with ministries and governorates, stressing that the situation in Iraq is not new to the world but there are States worse security situation of Iraq.

He added: that Iraq possesses substantial economic resources including oil, so there are no worries about a possible economic downturn in the country, but the Iraqi economy will probably substantial growth during the coming period, especially after the improved value of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar, this gives a clear indication of the strength of the economy.

Iraq suffers from deteriorating security represented by continuous bombings occurred in the capital and some provinces, a command that make some economists fear the security situation impacted on the growth of the economy and the advent of global companies


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