Economist Opinion: Iraq needs new legislation to advance its economy

Posted: August 17, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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Swing economic laws are oscillating between Kevin .. Council of Ministers on the one hand and the House of Representatives on the other hand .. Without achieving any economic feasibility for the advancement of the Iraqi economy, which warned economists from sliding Iraqi economy spiral of collapse that ستبتلع the local market by issuing the Council of Ministers and the House Rules without being properly on the ground, stressing the importance of developing strategic plans, economic instead of putting laws failed. Expert Economic Hatem Alboati, counting preoccupation of the Council of Ministers and MPs put economic laws is not serious steps for the advancement of the national economy, stressing that the development of laws without strategic plans leads to failure and lack of fulfillment of his being is not a magic stick to transform the economy into a developed economy.

The newspaper said Alboati (citizen) .. That “Iraq’s economy is still primitive and there is no serious steps on the subject of economic development and all the neglected sectors, certain sectors of agriculture and industry is still marginalized and does not come with positive results for the national economy. He added that “a backward agricultural sector and need for the fulfillment of his capital and real support by the government to increase the country’s imports of the industrial sector also needs to be a huge capital to buy the equipment to achieve positive results as they are GFI European countries.” The Alboati pointed out that “the House of Representatives and ministers need to put economists and professional cadres to achieve economic laws serve the national economy without a waste of time Bakanonan useless.”

On the other hand saw the representative of the United Nations in Iraq and economic expert, Abdul Hamid ornaments, many of which economic laws initiated by the government need to be modified to provide a service to the national economy and work out what its current form does not serve the country. ”

He told ornaments (citizen) .. “The legislation of laws is essential to the advancement of the national economy but not implemented properly leads to a lack of utility, noting that” most of the economic laws as law private banks, which is a tributary and the source of the economic life of any country and the laws concerning labor, employment and investment law, important laws for the advancement of economic reality. ”

He continued that “many of the laws were approved and will not implement a conflict of visions between the central sector management Iraqi economic and between the head financial management of the economy, calling” to develop plans serious economic as well as laws that begin in the House of Representatives for the advancement of the national economy. ”

To that indicated a member of the Economic Committee placeholders Nora Bijari, the lack of contact between the Council of Ministers and the House of Representatives in the economic development of laws y confirm the failure of most of the laws that come from the Economic Committee of the Council of Ministers of the Council of Representatives.

She Bijari newspaper (citizen) .. “The Economic Commission within the Council of Ministers is a professional does not have competent experts to develop economic laws, pointing out that” the Council of Ministers will not provide any service to the national economy and all their projects are mere words without any application on the ground. ”

She added that “the central government will not seek to promote the economic reality but preoccupied with political and security file and neglected sectors of the economy, calling for the development of economists at the Economic Commission of the Council of Ministers to post economic legislation of laws and submission of proposals for the country’s economic reform.


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